Bath & Body Works Haul

Um…am I really that person?

Let’s roll with it. I’m posting a haul, a Bath & Body Works haul. Honestly, this was like one of the best deals ever and I HAVE to post because I can’t not share. First off, their Semi Annual Sale is over and nothing in this haul was purchased during the sale. This was all purchased yesterday because the new candles were $12 and they still had a small section of 75% off products leftover from the sale. On top of that I had an army of coupons, so I couldn’t not hit up the store.


There are several stores in my area but I went to one that my friend had been to the day before that I knew had a huge selection of fall scents. The main thing I was disappointed in with this season’s sale was the lack of fall scents and lack of 75% off large candles so I was determined to finally get my hands on both. Oh, and they apparently had a huge stock of wallflowers on sale as well and I was in need of a few.


I was so overwhelmed by the selection they had, I was seriously in sale-scavenger-candle-hoarder heaven. Can I give you a quick background about these ridiculous freaken sales, though? First off, I’ve been a Semi Annual Sale hoarder at Bath & Body Works since I was in high school. When I was 15 I worked at Applebee’s as a hostess and met my friend Stacey there. She was 19 and in college at the time so, obviously my high school self thought she was the coolest thing ever. She was tall and tan with platinum blonde hair, her own dorm and the cutest, glittery, bubblegum pink, malibu beach barbie style. I basically copied everything she did, bought, wore, etc. So one day in June, before our shifts we went to the mall and she was on a mission. She was headed into Bath & Body Works for the “amazing sale” and had a mental list of all the specifics she would be hunting for, and she made it perfectly clear that you had to hunt for the “good stuff”; you had to go in with a plan. And hunt we did that day, which started it all. I’ve been a hunter/hoarder of this sale ever since. I think the draw really is finding the deal.


Can we look at this receipt?? Look at the “total discount”….$107.71. STOP it. I went in there wanting one or two of the new candles (which were on sale for $12) depending on what they had in stock for 75% off. My goal was not to spend more than $35.00. So with the sale discounts everything came out to over $40, but then I had my 20% coupon that I had gotten in the mail which brought it back down to $32.00.

Finally, I had two other coupons, one for a free item with $10.00 purchase and one for a free sample item. I could have split the order into thirds for three free products, but I figured the 20% off was a better deal, especially since I mostly go in there for the candles and not really their body products, but they’re nice as a freebie. If I was more interested in body products I would have done the three way split at checkout.

So! Here’s what I got!


  • two pack “palm leaves” wallflowers – 75% off [if you see this scent, grab it!! it’s still 75% off and it smells awesome]
  • espresso bar 4oz candle – 75% off [came out to under $2.00 with coupon and is such a great morning candle]
  • bourbon & butterscotch mini mason jar candle – decadently rich fall scent, under $1.00. how could i pass up?
  • sea salt & maple popcorn three wick – 75% off, five bucks and change. insane. smells like if pumpkin pecan waffles and salted caramel had a baby. omg. i love these types of food scents in the late fall.
  • mango coconut cooler three wick candle – new “pop tails” collection. the packaging caught me, so did the rich summery coconut/fruity scent. and the multi colored wax. i’m just totally in love. a little under $12 after coupon.
  • happy easter three wick – i loooooved this one in the spring!! i was so sad i only bought one around easter but then i heard that they were 75% off during the sas. of course, i couldn’t find one but yesterday there it was! for five freaken dollars and change. last one! done.
  • warm vanilla sugar travel sized lotion – um, the scent that first brought me into b&bw back when i was like 11. it’s still my hands down favorite. duh. free with coupon.
  • pumpkin pecan waffles wallflower – came out to $.75 or less…the ultimate fall wall flower and the strongest one they have.
  • watermelon lemonade wallflower – this is actually a new one with the pop tails packaging but it was in the 75% off bin so it also came out to under a dollar. hopefully the wall flower is as strong as the candle.
  • beautiful day shea butter cream – free with $10 purchase. i always passed up this scent but one of my coworkers was wearing the body spray the other day and i was like whatttttttt is that! and it was beautiful day. it’s such a fresh, clean scent so i thought the lotion would be perfect post shower.
  • cinnamon pumpkin candle in a ceramic pumpkin – i bought three or four of these last fall for full price. like a total fool. this came out to around $2. for a tiny little thing, this guy filled up the room.
  • candle pedestal and dome – 75% off, i think it was around $8 after coupons? anyway, i was kiiiiind of on the fence but then the sales rep showed me how it can be used two different ways and i was like kayyy!!! sold! gah….their sales reps are such enablers. although, this actually looks quite adorable on my window sill.


Oh, and we take a second to talk about my kitchen?!? It’s still not done, but I have to show this picture because I’m kind of in love with it!! We’ve only been working on it for…oh, about a month! The tiling on the backsplash took the longest but were well worth the wait. And you can see in the background to the right our walls are still pale yellow, which we NEED to repaint. We’re thinking a verrrrrry light grey. Any recommendations??


Does anyone else hoard from this store?? What do you go for? What are your favorite scents/candles/etc. Let’s talk obsessive shopping! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Haul

  1. Just did a similar haul at the outlet store with a few hoarded coupons! They brought country apple lotion back (hello summer smells!) and I snagged a few Oahu Coconut Sunset candles on sale – they just smell like sunshine & happiness!

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