Weekend Reflections; My Sister is Engaged!

Hello, Happy [belated] 4th of July! Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and celebrations! We kept it fairly low key. Friday morning I went in to teach two classes and was home around noon. Dan and I went out for lunch and then layed out in the sun for a bit because it was a beautiful day. We had planned on spending Saturday the 4th at the beach, but, unfortunately it was a cloudy, cool, slightly drizzly day. For whatever reason I woke up exhausted; my body felt run down. So I skipped the gym and spent the morning snuggling with Gatbsy and had a relaxing breakfast in with Dan [egg whites with tomato, lettuce and swiss cheese on whole wheat wraps, toasted]. We spent the afternoon running errands and then did some shopping [Sephora, Nordstrom and MAC]. We blended up some homemade pina colodas and watched a few episodes of Big Love before heading out to the bar across the street for dinner and beers.

So that was that but before I get into Sunday let’s recap the absolute highlight of the weekend: my sister got engaged!!! It was a total surprise I am so happy for her! Her boyfriend proposed Friday night at The Gramercy Park Hotel. Her ring is stunning and I’m just so happy to welcome her boyfriend into our family because he truly is an amazing young man. I’m so excited to celebrate their engagement and be a part of their crazy journey of wedding planning and marriage!

Sunday we all got together at my parents’ house for a clambake to celebrate their engagement as well as my belated birthday. It was so much fun and full of such joyful, positive energy. Before the clambake Dan and I sat out at our pool and drank some rose. Sunday was such a perfect day that I can’t even remember Saturday’s clouds.

This hummus is soooo delish!! I never would have thought to combine salsa and hummus but this tastes more like roasted pepper puree than straight salsa.


OMG…this candle was the biggest let down EVER. I popped into Bath & Body Works during the Semi Annual Sale more so this year than ever because there is a store several blocks from my job and I pass by it every time I walk to and from the train. The discounts this SAS were kind of out of control so it was sooo hard to avoid. I just finished burning through my Suntan candle from last year which is one of my favorites. It smells exactly like Bobbi Brown beach perfume, that Coppertone classic sunscreen scentI was so upset when I finished it earlier this week so I checked online to see if they had one on sale and I saw that it was part of the new summer collection and just repackaged. So after my classes on Friday I giddily popped into the store soooo excited for this candle. I came home and sniffed them side by side and realized they’re TOTALLY different. Not only that, but this new one has pretty much ZERO throw. OMG, it’s awful. I figured I’d finally gotten a dud but I checked online and on YouTube for reviews (because I’m a PSYCHO…does anyone else do that?) and everything I read or watched said the exact same thing!! Looks like the disappointment over this year’s Suntan is pretty universal. BaBW…WHAT THE EFF?! I mean, really.


Post walk snuggles.


And then these are the snuggles I get.


Now this candle was not a disappointment. It came out to under $2.00 with the sale discounts and coupons combined. I started using it as a kitchen candle but now I’m finishing it off in my bathroom and it’s an excellent, fresh, bathroom scent.


The CUTEST little planner binders EVER!! If you own a Boston, Pug or little pup, you must check out THIS Etsy shop! I only ordered the Boston Terrier band, but she threw in that multi pup band as a free gift. So sweet.


Sorry to bombard you with candles, but I went a weeee bit crazy during all the semi annual sales. Yankee Candle’s SAS kind of blew me away, their large jar candles were between $7-13!! Insane! I typically do not buy Yankee Candles because they’re just not worth the price in my opinion. Their candles barely throw and honestly, if I’m going to spend over $20 on a candle, I’ll go to Voluspa or Diptyque, which never fail to fill my entire apartment with fragrance. This Saltwater Taffy candle though was a pleasant surprise. It’s definitely not as strong as the other candles I mentioned but it’s about a 6-7 out of 10.


This stuff is AMAZING!! Inside the box it recommends storing in the fridge, which is what I’ve been doing and it’s soooo divinely refreshing, especially on these super hot days where I get out of the shower sweating. 


Friday night snuggles


Making colodas for Fourth of July…for our super exciting celebration for two, at home. 


However, we ended up deciding to be somewhat social, if walking across the street to our neighborhood bar counts. They have wide open windows which is nice because you’re still somewhat outside, not just sitting in a dark bar. 


And we ate super healthy. Yea. The healthiest thing was probably the orange slice in my beer.


And then we continued on our roll and walked a bit further down our block for froyo. Yes, our block has all the essentials–froyo, booze, it’s amazing.


Sunday morning vibes..


And Sunday afternoon clean up


I’m actually really obsessed with this outfit. It’s basically pajamas, like acceptable to wear out pajamas.




My mom was prepared with flavored vodka, sangria and fireworks!

Casey and her maid and matron of honor!

Everyone cheering to the newly engaged couple!


Pretty sure my sister is the cutest ever.





This is what happens when my mom gives me makeup for my birthday. This is also what it loos like when I leave Sephora or anywhere with a makeup counter…


Hope you had a wonderful Fourth!! And I hope this Monday after a long weekend wasn’t tooooo sucky.



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