Weekend Reflections; Emotions & Sunshine

Sooo….this weekend was rather emotional. I’ve mentioned before on the blog that my, um…”female time” is the worst of the worst. Every negative symptom a chick can get, I get. The worst though are the days leading up to it. Lately, I’ve been an emotional basket case. Dan said he can tell over the phone; apparently there’s a distinct difference in my voice. What?? Does anyone out there experience anything like this?

Anyway, Saturday was the worst of it. Friday I worked all day which kind of took my mind off it, although I was certainly edgy. I kept as active as possible as that tends to help a bit. Saturday, keeping in that “active is better” mindset, I went for a 10.5 mile run. That should have helped but my sneakers are past their prime and the run made my toes crazy sore and tender which just left me irritable. Then I had a BLAST of a night when a few things didn’t go as planned and I turned into a complete loose canon. Dan and I had a few things to deal with that we really should have talked out throughout the week but instead we had one of those sitting-on-the-kitchen-floor-crying type of blow out. As emotional as it was, by the grace of God we managed to actually talk it out without it erupting in to a full on fight and were able to reach the end of the road, see each other’s perspective and resolve things. The evening ended with a pizza delivery, too much wine and two grown adults and a dog puppy piled together on the couch, out like lights by 8:30pm.

Sunday, however was a new day. We dropped Gatsby off at my in laws for the day and headed out to the beach because SALT WATER CURES ALL. It was a gorgeous day; breezy enough to not be swelteringly hot and the water was warm enough to swim in the waves. I can’t ask for anything more.

A cozy snuggle bug


Have you ever heard of the foil trick for fixing a candle that tunnels? All you do is fold a piece of aluminum foil in half and wrap it around the top half of your candle, folding it over the top of the rim slightly. You only have to leave the foil on for 10-15 minutes and in that time it completely resolves any tunneling issue and you’re left with an even, clean wax pool. I’m fascinated.


I went window shopping between classes on Friday and fell in LOVE with this piggy cutting board and piggy serving bowl from Fishs Eddy. I think I may neeeeeed to go back and grab them this week.


Although I did make one tiny little purchase and picked up this ADORABLE cake slice notepad for $2.00 at this kinda cute/kinda strange/super random popup shop on Broadway.


Lunch with this dude


Picked up this wine for super cheap and was unsure how it would taste but I loved it. It’s super fruity and quite sweet. It reminded me of the cheap White Zinfandel I used to drink in college….out of a box. That is probably pretty off putting to any real wine drinkers out there but I never claimed to be sophisticated 😉


Getting the stink eye after I gave him a bath. Dude, I just washed all the allergies off of you so you don’t get any more infections, show a little thanks.


FINALLY! Got my little paws on the scented Fix+!! You know how much I adore my Fix+ so I was pretty damn excited when I heard about this limited edition release. The scents included Yuzu, Coconut, Cucumber, Lavender and Rose. Needless to say I had my heart set on the Coconut, however, when I went to the MAC store to sniff them the coconut smelled like nothing. My second choice was the Yuzu and while it had more of a scent than coconut it was still pretty faint. The strongest one was the rose and lately I’ve been pretty into certain rose scents and this one was quite nice. I’m also currently using the Laura Mercier rose oil skincare so I figured I’d keep it all consistent and go with the rose. Plus, it’s the only one that was pink so that was a bonus! And hello, do we see the GLITTER PACKAGING????? I died. 


And Barbara Delinksy’s latest novel is out!! GAHHHHHH I love her so so so so so so so much.


We arrived at the beach so early Sunday morning that the lifeguards hadn’t even arrived yet. 


The first few hours where we have a huge stretch of sand and crashing waves to ourselves is my absolute favorite.


This is the best sunscreen I’ve ever used for my face. It’s a bit pricey but it’s justified because, it’s your FACE!! I spend a lot of time taking care of my skin to keep it clean, hydrated and healthy. I love the beach and basking in the sun for hours and it’s unfortunate that something I love so much is so damaging to my skin. I love this stuff because it’s a serum which means while it’s doing all the awesome things sunscreen does [protecting my skin from skin cancer, sunburns, dryness, wrinkles, etc.] it’s also hydrating, moisturizing and replenishing. When I use this stuff I never leave the beach with that tight, dry feeling on my skin. Plus my skin looked dewy and radiant all day. Worth every penny. 


I was definitely inspired by the sunshine while planning my week at the beach. I love the cheery bright yellows.


Post beach we picked up Gatsby, came home, ordered dinner and relaxed. I lit this Georgia Peach candle from Bath & Body Works that I got on sale for 75% off earlier this week. Have you ever seen these bowl candles before?!?! I never had so obviously I had to get it. SO GORGEOUS. It looks like something straight out of Anthropologie, not B&BW.


Hope you had a lovely weekend!



One thought on “Weekend Reflections; Emotions & Sunshine

  1. My “pre period” week is also one of the most emotional weeks for me! In reflecting I know I was so unreasonably ridiculous but in the heat of the moment nothing ever seems to be be going right! Not proud to admit we also have some flood gate opening kitchen floor memories!

    DID NOT KNOW they made a scented Fix+. That stuff is like the greatest beauty secret!! The sparkling box would have had me purchasing it and paying extra regardless of the smell!

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