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So recently, while perusing the internet for coupons on all the various semi annual sales going on nearly EVERYWHERE I somehow discovered this online “wax community”. It’s a community of people (very similar to the dog community that Gatsby and I are a part of on Instagram) who consistently talk about candles. They talk about their candle hauls, candle reviews, upcoming sales, etc. They’re actually a pretty awesome resource if you’re looking for the latest sale news.

I found something even more intriguing while stalking the life out of all of them. I got a tiny peek into their home as they showed what they were currently burning. For whatever reason I love seeing what scents people combine and what particular candle they consider to be a “bedroom” or “bathroom” scent. It’s so individualized and soooo interesting. Some people combine scents that inspire me and some combine scents that confuse me, but no matter what, I NEED to see what all these strangers are burning in every room of their home. It fascinates me.

I guess there’s just something about scent. Did you ever pick up on scent when you were really little? From when I was a young little thing the first thing I noticed when walking into someone’s home was what it smelled like. Everyone had their own unique “smell” and it absolutely fascinated me. Whatever scent wafted through a particular person’s home was usually what their clothes smelled like and became the scent I just associated with them.

When Dan and I first started dating his scent was the first thing that drew me to him. The first time I walked into his apartment it smelled like “him”. When I stole his shirts I would smother my face into them because it was his scent. I later learned that his scent was Snuggle fabric softener. We have a ridiculous stockpile of Snuggle fabric softener sheets because it’s the smell that sends butterflies aflutter in my stomach instantly. It smells like the beginning spark of our relationship.

Then I moved in and while our apartment still has a faint hint of that Snuggle smell, it mostly smells like a mess of candles. If you have any interest in what it smells like right now, keep reading!



I’m not sure what brand or scent this candle is. I bought this candle for a ridiculous price at a ridiculously over priced home goods boutique in my town. The reason I bought it was because it smelled like an expensive, fancy, luxurious boutique. Have you ever wandered into a SUPER fancy furniture store that’s laden with burning candles and has an oil diffuser going on every visible surface? I kind of love the way those stores smell. They smell like a five store hotel and it’s just this pretty, sensual, luxurious scent that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s kind of perfumey, kind of floral, very clean and yet strong without being in your face. This candle smelled EXACTLY like that and I bought it because I want my home to smell like a ridiculously expensive, overpriced boutique or five star hotel. Because, why not?

Living Room


I recently ordered this Coconut Vanilla candle from Bath & Body Works based on a review of it I saw on YouTube that said it had an incredibly strong throw. Incredibly strong throw in a candle that’s a combination of my two absolute all time favorite scents EVER?? I HAD TO HAVE IT. It just came in the mail this morning and I lit it immediately. The review claimed it was strong AF so I lit it in my living room, the biggest room in my apartment and the one only the strongest candles can bring scent to. OMG this smells SO strong that after I snapped the picture for this post I had to blow it out because it was almost making me dizzy. It’s a thick, heavy scent but my gosh I love it.

Dining Room


Why am I separating this from my living room? I live in a one bedroom apartment, my dining room IS my living room. There’s another candle over by the table where we eat dinner, which is essentially in and part of our giant living room. I have Storm Watch, which was a summer favorite, burning over here. Which I lit in case Coconut Vanilla didn’t deliver. And because it’s drizzly and overcast today.



Yankee Candle’s Fruit Salad is the ultimate kitchen scent. Right after a coffee scented candle, which is wonderful in a kitchen in the morning. I love this light, fruity, sweet scent in my kitchen. It’s invigorating, not overpoweringly strong and just sweet enough. It really smells like a freshly made fruit salad.



I’m IN LOVE with Endless Weekend from Bath & Body Works. I first discovered it in this hand soap which I couldn’t get enough of so I bought the body cream. I then realized that I pretty much just want my whole life to smell like Endless Weekend, so I bought the candle. I read some reviews that said it does throw, but it’s a very light scent so I put it in the bathroom. That didn’t bother me because that’s where the soap and lotion is so it fits there. Also, my bathroom is quite small and the scent is trailing into the hallway and it’s amaaaaazing.



In my bedroom I’m burning Pink Apple Punch [which I just posted my first YouTube review of!] because that’s the only room that I could actually smell it in. This candle is not strong at all but it’s strong enough to fill my tiny bedroom and I quite enjoy falling asleep to a fresh, tart, summery, fruity scent.

What is your favorite summer scent? Do you burn a different scent in every room or do you burn one candle at a time?



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