Weekend Reflections; Silver Hair & A Bridal Shower

This title is exactly what I did this weekend. I dyed my hair silver and I went to my friend’s shower. That’s literally it.

Friday I was so incredibly fatigued [starting a new vitamin regimen this month to try and nix this period induced anemia] that I left work early to come home and sit on my ass. I tried to be somewhat productive and do the laundry but walking up and down the two flights of stairs to the laundry room in my apartment was not happening. So I lit way too many scented candles and cleaned out/reorganized CVS closet. The only reason I was successfully able to do that was because it didn’t require much more than sitting on my butt on my hallway floor and watching YouTube videos while emptying out and rearranging boxes and drawers. What probably could have been done in less than an hour took me close to four. Talk about moving slow. I was in bed by 8 Friday night.

Saturday I woke up on the late side with just enough time to put on some tinted moisturizer and mascara before heading downtown for my hair appointment. Five hours later my split ends were gone and my hair was transformed from blonde to….SILVER! [this picture is from Sunday and these lashes are the Iconic lashes from House of Lashes – OBSESSED]


It’s not straight up GREY, but it’s a really pretty ash blonde/silver with a purple hue that looks a different color in different lighting and I am OBSESSED. I dyed it this color thinking I’d keep it for a few weeks and then go back to brunette but I have a feeling I’m going to just dive in, order some silver extensions and keep this going for a while. The cool tone feels super flattering and is a refreshing change from the warm blonde I’ve had for over a year.

Sunday I spent the day at a bridal shower for a very special friend. This friend is the girl who made me the fitness instructor I am today. She mentored me as a spinning instructor and I learned so much from her, and not just about spinning but how to connect with people in a group fitness setting. I wish she worked at my current studio because her energy is contagious and her classes are so inspiring [not to mention calorie torching KICK ASS]. On top of being an instructor she’s also a full time lawyer and she’s just a driven, successful, super rad chick. I only know her through the studio we worked at together so it was a little intimidating showing up at her shower where I didn’t know anyone other than her and her mom. Sure enough, though, her friends were just like her–those kinds of people you instantly fall in love with and can’t help but have a great time with. It was a really fun day and I’m so looking forward to her wedding this September!

Gatsby pretty much does everything Dan and I do. When we’re excited, he’s excited, when we’re in the kitchen, he’s in the kitchen, when I take a shower he’s RIGHT there waiting behind the curtain andddd when I’m not feeling well and lazing around the couch, there he is snoozing it out in his own corner [toys included].


A really unnecessary package came….


It was in the HIGH 90’s all weekend…which meant instant panting the second we walked out the door. In my totally unbiased opinion, his Pacman mouth pant is the cutest freaken thing in the world.


This may be one of the most refreshing scents to breathe in on a hot day! On a funny note about candles…Saturday the hall/floor outside our apartment smelled absolutely awful, like could-not-breathe bad. We went out to walk Gatsby and had to hold our noses walking to the door. When we came back inside Dan let out the biggest sigh of relief and said, “well, I guess sometimes it’s a good thing that you burn five hundred thousand candles.” And took in the deepest breath of clean, scented air. Yup. 


While I occasionally may wear a maxi dress or two on vacation, I’m really not a dress person what.so.ever. I think it was the 12 years of catholic school uniforms that just made me abhor skirts and dresses altogether. So while sundresses are the logical choice of what to wear to a bridal shower on a 99 degree day, I added a pair of Zara heels to a basic tank and $7.00 sweatpants from H&M. You know how I roll.


Quite buzzed at 3 in the afternoon, heading home from the shower. Bottomless mimosas and being in a room full of people you’ve never met is either the worst or the best combination. I’m going with the latter. 


And then Dan and I tried something new…we made mug cakes in the microwave. At first bite we looked at each other and realized we never, ever, ever should have done this. It’s too easy, too quick, too convenient….everything needed to make an oozy, gooey, rich, decadent lava cake is ALWAYS on hand and one minute away. Do yourself a favor, pretend you never read this and never, ever google “mug cake recipe”. I wish I could unsee, unmake and uneat this. I don’t need this at my finger tips….


Twenty minutes after licking our mugs clean…


This weekend was HOT but I can’t lie, I’m loving every minute. I’ve been getting outside as much as possible, dripping sweat doing nothing at all. Yesssssss. Do you love this weather or hate it?? I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority here.



One thought on “Weekend Reflections; Silver Hair & A Bridal Shower

  1. I laughed out loud at your candle picture – I ordered 2 more coconut vanillas last week. I just can’t get enough (nor enough sleeping pup photos). You’re hair looks fabbb, what a fun switch up – definitely don’t color over it!
    Xo, Casey

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