My Favorite Wax Melts!

So it’s no secret that I’m kind of into candles. However, candles aren’t the only things I use to fragrance my home and create an ideal ambiance. I also indulge in burning incense and melting wax on both electric and candlelit warmers.


You can find wax melts almost anywhere, from boutique shops to your local supermarket. Here and there I pick some of those up but I predominantly purchase my melting wax online either from various Etsy shops or reliable websites.


I first found Waxilicious through Etsy and after my first order started shopping straight from their website. They have an insane variety of shapes, colors and scents. Not only are the shapes adorable (and GLITTERY!!) but the scent is incredibly strong! These wax melts have an unmatchable scent throw. One tiny cube is enough to fragrance my entire living room or hallway. On top of all that, their prices can’t be beat.


My favorites are the little flying pig wax melts that are too cute to burn and cost…ONE DOLLAR. My favorite scents of theirs are Beach Bum (which smells EXACTLY like Bobbi Brown’s beach perfume, which basically smells like Coppertone sunscreen, aka heaven) and Pistachio Pudding Cake which is such an authentic, decadent scent. If you want to check out my latest order, I posted an unboxing haul here.


On their website they sell so much more than just wax. They have incense, tart warmers, linen sprays, flameless candles and so, so much more. I’m absolutely obsessed with this company and if you enjoy strong fragrances, candles, incense and the like you must, must check them out!


The Waxilicious team was kind enough to share a code for free shipping on any purchase with a minimum of $4.00!!! The code is FALLFESTIVAL

So, go check them out here and don’t forget to use FALLFESTIVAL for free shipping!! I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do!