Weekend Reflections; UGH

Ugh is exactly how I’d describe this weekend. To start, I’ve mentioned [basically every month, I’m pretty sure] that lately my time of the month has been nothing short of horrendous. While it has always been brutal, irregular and painful it’s been even worse [I don’t even know how it’s possible, but yea] lately. Today I spent the afternoon at the beach with my mom and she told me that while hers was always bad too, it reached its worst during her mid to late twenties. Apparently her mother also suffered so bad that she would wake up night and take shots of scotch until her pain went away.

I follow my grandmother’s footsteps, if this weekend is any indication. First off, why did it have to come on the WEEKEND?! If I had a regular 9-5 job I would absolutely take off the first day or two of my period and just sit in bed. However, since what I do is so active and my days are quite short I consistently force myself to hoof it into work, no matter how shitty I feel. Even if only temporarily, exercise does ease the pain a bit and if I don’t go to work I know I won’t go exercise on my own. So when I woke up in agony on Friday morning I took a handful of Pamprin and headed to the city. Friday was the first day of my friend’s bachelorette party weekend and I was supposed to drive out to The Hamptons after my class. I was hoping that teaching a spin class would alleviate my cramps but the position I have to be in on the bike did me NO favors. By the time my class was over I felt nauseous on top of my pain and wanted nothing more than to crawl into a ball and sleep for the rest of the week. I went back home and took a shower and tried to put myself together until I felt good enough to make the trip. The shower did nothing to ease my pain so I hit my last resort and swallowed a Percocet. That’s when I told my friend I wouldn’t be making it for the weekend. Painkillers make me too loopy to function, let alone make a three hour drive. I felt awful canceling on her at the last minute and to make matters worse I felt so down on myself. I had broken out, I felt ugly and bloated and all around miserable.

Dan came home and found me on the couch with a heat pad on my abdomen and said, “Aren’t you supposed to be in The Hamptons?”

Tears. Uncontrollable. The poor guy had no idea what he said or what he had triggered. Ugh I felt like I was missing out on so much, and this is my life? Wasting away on the couch feeling miserable and down on myself? I was supposed to have a great weekend. In my fridge sat a platter of cake balls, a breakfast casserole and two bottles of booze ready for my trip. Dan invited me to have dinner at his parents but I didn’t want to see anyone…or move. Him and Gatsby left at around 4pm to go to his parents and ten minutes after he left I forced myself off the couch, took another Percocet and called Dan to come back and pick me up. I wasn’t comfortable, I didn’t feel good at all but that’s not what I’ll remember from the night. I’ll remember the fun night full of laughter and good food with my family. The rest of the weekend was spent the same…lazing around, not moving and watching almost every episode of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix.

Also, I decided to really focus on my diet for the next month. Lately I haven’t been paying attention to how I’ve been eating or how much I’ve been drinking and my period has been at its all time worst. When I’m consistent with a healthy diet it seems to be a bit more manageable. So this month I’m going to really dial in my diet and see how it affects everything, but I believe it will make my next month easier.

Did you really need to read almost a thousand words regarding my period? No….you really didn’t, and if you’re still here, I freaken love you.

Gatsby at dinner, notice that he broke out too…maybe we’re synced.


Nothing eases misery quite like shopping, right? Since I knew I’d be home and inside all weekend I treated myself to this GIANT ass, sea spray scented candle.


I also did a lot of this over the weekend…..It does help the pain..


Friday night my father in law made this incredible peach pie.


Saturday the only two things I did that didn’t involve the couch included taking Gatsby on a walk and hanging out outside with our Great Dane neighbor and driving with him and Dan to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy some new towels. Can you spot da baby?


Don’t let this picture fool you. I broke out like HELL this weekend but fortunately they were clustered underneath my chin. You can’t see them in photos but if you’re sitting or standing next to me….ew, full display.


Saturday night Dan made Poke…Hawaiian comfort food at its best


Nothing better.


Sunday we browsed Home Goods..


Then Gatsby helped me organize..


Monday morning


Monday afternoon


Not too shabby. Let me just say it took the world out of me to go to the beach and actually wear a bikini in public after living my life as a mashed potato on the couch for the past 72 hours.



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