Weekend Reflections; Maybe We’re Not Boring!

So this weekend, for the SECOND weekend in a row, guess what we did??

We went OUT!

I know, craziness. But, we did it. We even took tequila shots! Out. Of. Control.

Let’s back up. Friday morning went down as usual, I taught, I worked out, I walked uptown to meet Dan at the train station. Friday we were little cutie patooties and shared iced coffees on the train then got mani pedis together before going home to take Gatsby on a walk and run a few errands. Then we went out to dinner to a new Greek spot on our block for really freaken’ good salads. I know, salads, but when salads are done right, the veggies are crisp, the chicken is flavorful and everything is just so fresh…yea, salads can hold their own. Can I just say how much I’m loving Fridays now? It’s been so incredibly nice having Friday afternoons off! Dan and I haven’t eaten dinner together on Friday in years and now I think this Greek place may be our new spot.

Saturday started with a long run as usual followed by a few hours laying out in the sun and some swimming. Then we took Gatsby to get his nails clipped and picked up some birthday gear because Tuesday he turned one! Tuesday Dan took him for froyo but I worked all day so we wanted to celebrate over the weekend too. He wore his birthday bandana all weekend and it was so cute because every time we walked him people would stop and wish him a happy birthday! He’s one year old now and no longer a puppy (cue hysterics). Sunday was a typical, chill, relaxing day. The weather claimed storms but they never rolled in though it was a bit cloudy. The most we did was take Gatsby on a long walk and easy hike on a nearby trail.

My new favorite Starbucks order: iced green tea latte, unsweetened, with one pump sugar free vanilla. OMG it’s sooooo good. Where has the green tea latte been all my life?!?!


I got to hang out with dis little nugget of FLUFF


These two kill me! It was so hot out and they were tonguessss fa dayzzz


The BEST iced coffee in the city on our commute home Friday


Fancy feet


Greek salads..sooo good


Happy Birthday, Gatsby!


It’s never too early for rose.


Who am I with all these salad shots? I mean, really? This is another one that really was just GAH, so good. Spinach + blueberries + pistachios + red onion + grilled chicken + balsamic.


So my hair is still going strong with the silver and I’m still obsessed.


This candle is so strong and citrusy and summery and wonderful.


You know what else is undeniably summery? The combo of navy and white and I love it so, so much this time of year.


And for dinner I paired the casual tank and cut off shorts with an open chambray button down. I loved the mix of blues with crisp white shorts! I paired this with a camel colored fringe hobo bag.


We originally planned on going out to dinner but couldn’t decide on a place. So then we got lazy and decided to stay home…but it was such a gorgeous night and we felt like such old bums so we went and got dressed, had some wine at home and decided to try out a new Mexican spot a couple towns over. It was so pretty inside!! Everytime I go to these suuuuper decorated, colorful Mexican restaurants I just want to live inside them. I love it.


GIANT blue margarita


Ugh…just give me aaalllll the cheese


The sunrise Sunday morning was so outrageously beautiful. I couldn’t stop looking up at the clouds


More birthday treats!

Morning trail with my boys


Which I totally wore the wrong bra for…


Sunday afternoon we went grocery shopping and I wanted to steal this sign. HOW STINKIN CUTE?!?!?! Gahh I can’t with that cow


And then our weekend came to a close with Dan’s delicious Linguine with White Clam Sauce…all from scratch..he’s unreal


What are your plans for this week? It’s the unofficial last week of summer! This is time of year where when I was in school I would absolutely freak out. I hated the last week of August and that dark cloud of September and school approaching. Now, I’m loving it. The end of August no longer means the end of summer and September went from being my most hated month to one of my favorites! The end of summer/early fall is such a sweet time of year now because it will always remind me of our wedding! I love the late, long, lazy days of the end of summer and this year I’m so excited for the fall because there is so much to look forward to! So many exciting things on the horizon…I’ll just keep soaking up the sunlight while it’s still out and embrace each day as it comes.



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