Welcome to Casey’s Fitness Corner!

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

I am sooo excited about today’s post I can hardly contain it — I’m, or should I say we are starting a brand new weekly series here on LindsayyLovee and it’s all about FITNESS! I am so excited to welcome and introduce you to my fabulously fit little sister, Casey.


Casey is a natural born athlete and her passion for fitness and wellness is remarkable and I truly believe her workouts, knowledge and pure passion will be a great asset to the blog! As you know, I am a fitness professional but don’t really post much about exercise, though I do get emails and questions about it quite often. Casey has a full time 9-5 corporate, sedentary job that is far removed from the world of fitness yet she still manages to make exercise a part of her life and clearly looks the part. I love her perspective — she gives exercise advice to those in the same position as her — full time, sedentary job with not much time to exercise. This is the polar opposite of someone like me whose routine is a bit untraditional and job is very active. While our respective workouts have their similarities we each have a different approach to exercise and I do believe that hers will resonate much better with more people.


That’s enough of my ramble, I’m going to let Casey take it from here! Here’s her story and her first workout!

Hi! I’m Casey. I’m Lindsay’s younger sister (23). Like Lindsay, fitness has always been a big part of my life. I worked at Equinox for 6 years. Not as a trainer, but in the cafe. This job was the best I could’ve had throughout high school and college. I was always athletic growing up. I did gymnastics 1st through 8th grade, then track, cross country, and tennis in High School. But when I graduated High School, I realized I had absolutely no clue how to workout in a gym on my own. I also had no idea what a healthy diet was. I absolutely loved the sports I played, but I didn’t love them quite enough to join a tennis or running group. I also was never taught about nutrition in any of my sports. The only thing I learned from track and cross country was to drink enough water until it kept my pee clear. Yellow pee = dehydrated. That was a pretty good lesson that I still live by. But so back to why my Equinox job was my savior. Once I graduated high school, I decided since I didn’t want to continue any of the sports I played, I would workout at the gym where I had a free membership. My workouts consisted of cardio. I would use all the ellipticals until I hit 2 hours. That was it. And occasionally I’d run outside. One day, a trainer came up to me and said, “Casey, why do you only do cardio? Just so you know, if you incorporate weight training, you only need to workout for an hour and you will see better results faster than doing straight cardio training for over an hour.” My reaction was, “WHAT?!”. Of course, like many girls, I assumed if I did less cardio that I would get bulky and burn less fat. Boy was I wrong. And to this day, I am SO SO happy I took the advice of that trainer. Not only did I become more toned, but I burned fat in the target area’s I never could from doing cardio. The human body naturally burns more calories each day to maintain a pound of muscle than it does to maintain a pound of fat. Therefore, the more muscle you build, the more calories your body will naturally burn each day at rest. Which means, just by building more muscle (which weight training does, and cardio does not) you’ll significantly increase your metabolism and improve your overall fat loss progress. While learning this wonderful news, this trainer who opened my eyes and a few other trainers, began to teach me new, balanced workout routines. Along with the workouts, they taught me the correct foods to eat and when/how to eat them. For example, pairing your grains with your fats, protein, and simple carbs. Also, eating protein before and after your workouts. Eating MORE (of the right) food, more frequently. After learning more from these certified trainers and nutritionists, I began to research and learn even more on my own.

Fast forward to my life now. I graduated college in May, 2013. I started my first, full-time job right out of college. Working out 5 days a week in the early AM before work was easy…at first. As I changed jobs, I got busier and busier. This made me more exhausted to the point I just could not maintain working out for an hour 5 days a week. However, I always remind myself how working out and eating correctly makes me feel so much happier. I mean, it literally does. Exercise can help reduce anxiety (which work gives me plenty of) and improve mood. Exercise releases feel-good brain chemicals such as endorphins. Healthy foods containing antioxidants and nutrients not only help reduce the risk of cancer and other long term health problems, but also tweak our brain chemistry as well which helps us stay happy, energized, and even calm. So instead of doing only one or the other, the combination of both is ideal! Together, diet and exercise help you look your best and feel your best. With that said, I realized I needed to switch up my workout routine so I could keep it in my life daily. Maintaining a healthy diet was easier for me than hitting the gym, so new workout routines were what I had to focus on fixing. Telling myself I HAD to workout for AT LEAST one hour, 5 days a week was turning me off almost completely. So I told myself, anything is better than nothing. I came up with more efficient, fast paced, workouts that did a better job at utilizing the small window of time I had to get my butt to the gym. Instead of working out for an hour or more and sweating only a bit, I now workout for just 30 or 45 minutes and sweat enough to soak my clothes and make my face as red as a tomato. I also only workout 3 or 4 days a week. And guess what? I’m in better physical shape than I have ever been in my entire life. I’m at a point where if I wanted to, I can definitely go back up to 5 days a week easily if I wanted to get into fitness model type shape. But with my current career, I am happy being toned and healthy with some fat. My diet helps my fat stay in the “right” areas. I say right, because it isn’t in my stomach (the worst place for fat, because that is where all your vital organs are). I have a little more fat in my butt, boobs, and outer thighs. I would say this is genetics, but I was never this evenly proportioned in the past. So I truly do believe my combined diet and exercise routines play an integral part to my body’s overall shape.
With all that said, I have shared day 1 of my workout this week. It is one of my favorites because it is such a booty burning/building workout. I love bigger, rounder booties! It will get your heart rate super high and get your body drenched in sweat! So don’t do this workout on a day where you want to look cute for your gym crush 😉 although, I’m convinced guys at the gym love a girl who gets her sweat on and kicks her own ass, because the days I’m doing the most intense workouts are the days I get approached the most! Not that it matters, since I am engaged lol but it’s still always flattering! Not every guy at the gym is a creep. I need to say that, because the gym is where I met my loving, wonderful fiance! 🙂
I hope you enjoy this workout, and if you do please follow me on my Instagram, @burgers_and_squats ! I post my workouts as well as diet tips. If you’re like me and want to incorporate fitness into your life, but don’t have enough time to make fitness your entire life, then you will love my page! Xoxo
Powerful, Lean Legs Workout
Video of exercisesHERE
Side lateral squats while holding 25lb or 35lb plate while staying as low as possible the entire time. Start with 5 squat pulses, then jump onto step, back down and sideways lateral squat to next step. Repeat pulses/jump then back to original step. Repeat entire set 4 times. Modify step heights as needed.
Not in video:
Kettle bell swings, 3x1minute each
Walking Lunges, 3×8 each leg. I do these with a 100lb barbell on my shoulders. However, I started with just 25lbs and worked my way up.
TRX Pistol Squats, 3×15 each leg
ABS: Weighted decline Russian twist, 3×20 – Secure your feet. Hold weighted plate or medicine ball at arms length. Brace your core and twist to one side so your shoulders are turned 90 degrees. Twist the other way. That is one rep, so do 20 reps 3 times.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Casey’s Fitness Corner!

  1. Love this! Full time sedentary is MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! I know I won’t like a 23 year old hottie but I do want to feel energized and happy. I need to start making time. I will definitely give a follow and hope it will inspire me to move my a$$.

    • Awesome!! Yea her workouts are perfect because even though they go by quick the intensity makes them even better than a drawn out slower paced workout. Let me know how you like them! 😘😘

  2. This is EXACTLY what I need. I work 60+ hour weeks (10-10 usually…lots of fun) so I definitely do not have an hour 5 days a week to dedicate to the gym but 30 mins I can do. Excited for this new corner!

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