Two Years

Two years ago today, Dan and I were in Newport, Rhode Island….getting married!


Everyone always says how their wedding day is/was “THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!”.

Ours wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it was an AWESOME day! One I will NEVER, ever forget! But as for the “best” day of my life? Why would I want to peak at our wedding? There were so many highs in the days leading up to our wedding…

Like, the day he proposed! This day is still one of my absolute favorites…it was euphoric and simply unreal.


And a few days later, when I was still on a high and spent over $100 on magazines…


And a couple months later when we skipped out on our families (I’m sorry!) and flew to South Beach to spend our first Christmas as an engaged couple alone…on the beach…


All the days he spent supporting me while I dieted and trained until I had zero sexual drive, three frustrating years of amenorrhea, hair loss and hysterics all for that first place trophy…twice


The day we hung out at the beach taking some casual engagement shots…


The way he respected me and my body the weeks after my boob job and comforted me as I healed..


The day of my bridal shower, when he was there the entire time, taking pictures, loading up the car and doing everything he could to just make sure everyone was having the best time…


Our actual wedding, the one in the Catholic Church, in the eyes of our Lord…


Our rehearsal dinner, two weeks later….when I thought it was a GREAT idea to drink way too much wine and smoke way too much pot the night before my wedding….hmm..


The night of our wedding (we had a day time wedding that was over by 6pm), when we went out to the bars in Newport with our closest friends..and everyone else took their makeup off, hair down, and changed into casual clothes but I continued to frolic around in a big ass wedding dress…because, when would I ever have THAT opportunity again?


And then there have been all the best days after our wedding, like the days we’ve spent traveling the world together, the countless dinners out, the fights that have only made us stronger and closer, the hurdles we’ve climbed, the hard times we’ve chosen to stick out together, the happy times and the celebrations, changing bodies, changing hair colors and changing jobs….

Our honeymoon to Hawaii…


Our first Christmas as a married couple where we decided to start a tradition of buying each other tacky Christmas pajamas to open on Christmas Eve, that we could wear while opening presents the next morning, a tradition we could eventually pass on to our children…only, on our second Christmas together, we completely forgot we started this and neither of us got pajamas and Dan had food poisoning and I think one of us slept on the couch?


The days spent going to silly but fun fall things together like apple picking, visiting museums, haunted houses, etc…


The day Gatsby came home!!! And we became three…


Our first trip back to Newport since our wedding…over a year later…with a brand new, sleepy, squishy puppy in tow..


Celebrating the wedding of our friends and being the boring married couple who couldn’t keep up with the dancing, went home early because we couldn’t hang and spent the next day nursing a debilitating hangover…


Hiking up mountains….


Celebrating birthdays and falling in love over and over again….


Because our wedding day wasn’t the best day of our lives.

It was only the first.