Weekend Reflections; Goodbye, August

It’s not fall yet. Let me repeat,






It’s not even September [tomorrow, people!] and already Dunkin Donuts has brought back Pumpkin Lattes. What goes on. Listen, I love the fall as much as the next girl. I may or may not have spent my Sunday morning buying an abundance of flannels but come on, September is a SUMMER MONTH. It’s the last month of summer, but a summer month nonetheless. I can’t tell you how many times over the weekend I heard the phrase “last weekend of summer”. Even if we’re being unofficial isn’t the “last” weekend technically Labor Day?

Anyway, that’s my rant. And I’m also a hypocrite because I did spend this past Sunday shopping for flannels and I have purchased way too many fall scented candles already and Dan and I did spend our Friday evenings making pumpkin muffins. As someone who suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder, as much as I try to embrace the fall and as much as I do love the month of October, fall makes me anxious. The first few mornings that start with a chill bring panic. I can’t help it. In the back of my mind I think, can I make it through this year? What coping skills do I have prepared? Am I ready? Each year I try not to give into these thoughts and keep things positive and this year will be no different. The fall last year was a roller coaster of emotions with Jackie passing and Gatsby coming into our lives the very same week. I had started a brand new job, it was our first wedding anniversary, my aunt passed away, so much was happening I can hardly remember exactly what this time last year felt like but somehow as I reminisce I feel a sense of…chaos.

So this year, I’m embracing the calm. Last year was the explosion but this year everything has settled and I feel so much more in control. So I’m taking it slow. I’m embracing the transition and that’s what’s new this year. I’m not jumping into fall. I’m not mourning the loss of summer. I’m taking the month of September to gradually transition from one to the next. I’ll put up decorations little by little. I’ll light candles that are scented somewhere in between late summer and early fall. I’ll make pumpkin muffins here or there while simultaneously continuing to sip on margaritas. Life is all about balance right?

The post dog park high…the happiest little face


Fresh summer berries combined with a warm richness…this scent is the perfect seasonal transition 


Still going strong with our Friday night Greek


The absolute cutest wax tart in a the cutest little pineapple warmer










Sunday selfie 




I can’t even remember the days when I used to shop without judgement…


Speaking of judgement…this candle is from Wal-Mart and costs under $5. Judge away.




How do you feel about summer ending? Is it bittersweet, just sweet or plain bitter?


Anyway, that


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