Catch Up & Reflections


Oh my gosh, it’s been a minute! I’ll be honest, there have been no crazy life changes or anything like that happened, I just wasn’t feeling super inspired and needed some time. When I started this blog, I created it as an outlet…a place to come to let my creativity flow and talk about things I loved that had nothing to do with work or things I have to do. Somehow, recently, I was coming here to post because I felt like I had to. I didn’t really have much to say, I hadn’t been creative in the kitchen, DIY or home decor area and not much was happening that was, well, worth writing about! I thought about popping in with some weekend reflections but, again, I sort of felt like I was writing them because I had to and not because I wanted to.

Bottom line is, I’ve been feeling blah and uninspired. But today, today is the first day of fall and that’s why I’m back.

I had been feeling some uncomfortable cognitive dissonance. You all know what a summer baby I am, it’s my favorite season and my favorite weather but for whatever reason it seemed to be dragging. I know…I feel like a hypocrite just writing that. Let’s get something clear, by no means do I want winter or even cold weather. I just needed maybe a few thunderstorms. I’ve written before about how September is a weird month for me. I hated the association of “back to school” and now that I’m out of school it doesn’t hold that same “Sunday Blues” feeling of being this looming end of summer. September is the month of our wedding anniversary and a beautiful, transitionary time of year well summer peacefully and effortlessly blends into fall. Only, this time it didn’t feel that way.

It was still super humid and hot. We’ve even been going to the beach. But then, I come home to an apartment decorated with pumpkins. Plus, we’re still in the process of buying a house but there isn’t much on the market right now and we’re feeling sort of stagnant. In general, everything has felt like limbo. It’s a bizarre feeling. My schedule has changed a bit at work where I’ve been able to make the most out of my time which has opened up some free time that I’m not quite sure what to do with.

I realized that I need to sit down and make some goals for myself. Soo…that’s what this post is. A way to just sort my shit out and make a plan.

To start, I need a concise blog schedule. I feel like there’s so much I want to post but I’m scattered. I have a few fitness posts from my sister to post, a photo dump to get back on track with Weekend Reflections, some new recipes, a fall favorites, product reviews of some things I’m loving and because I’m feeling so blah I’m thinking of doing a weekly journal-like post [like this one here!] where I can just brain dump and get it all out.

Next, work. I do two things for work-fitness and art. I want to branch out in both these areas, but I’m not sure how so that’s a big thing I’ll be working on this season.

Gatsby. He’s in school now and I really want to take the time and dedicate it to practicing what we learn each week and really getting him to chill out and behave so I can eventually work on registering him as a therapy dog and start doing some volunteer work with him on my days off.

Prioritize my health more. You would think I already do this every day because of my job, right? Not at all. I do try to, but to be honest it’s sooo easy for it to fade into the background because it’s what a do. I think writing “prioritize my health” is the wrong wording. I do prioritize my health. Without even thinking about it, I’m active every day..I like to move. I eat healthy enough, but it could be better. It’s more about dialing it in. I want to focus on planning my workouts at the beginning of the week and for the next few months get back into programming my workouts and setting weekly and monthly goals for myself and just reignite my own personal fitness. This is the perfect weather for running and lately I’ve been doing more plyometric/HIIT classes as cardio and I want to get back into long distance running at least once or twice a week. I love the high intense training but it’s so intense that I’ve only been working out 3-4x a week and taking off on the weekends, which isn’t wise for me because the weekends are when I like to indulge a little more and if I don’t start my weekend with a great workout, I make terrible food decisions. A little slack in ones diet is fine, but if I’m working out SO intense during the week, I don’t want my weekends to derail it and I can see that starting to happen. So, I’m going to scale back the intensity but add more days of exercise in and balance out my diet better and focus on eating healthier during the weekends.

Getting more creative. Fall is the perfect time to spark my creativity both in the kitchen and art. I haven’t been cooking or baking much at ALL, probably not since my birthday in June! I miss it. Also, I love the look of festive chalk board art this time of year so I want to design some more of those.

Well…..that’s about it for now. I have to say, writing this made me feel like such a weight has been lifting! I’ve had this weird underlying anxiety and it’s really from this lack of inspiration/motivation I’ve felt and lack of organization. It feels really good to jot down my ideas, even though they are quite broad right now, it’s a start and I already feel more focused. It’s always been a struggle for me to focus and without the guidelines, deadlines, etc. of school I find myself feeling incredibly scattered time to time. Some goals I’m excited about [cooking more! training Gatsby!] while some I’m ambivalent or nervous about [branching out at work] but I think all are necessary and in the long run will make me feel better and be better.

Is fall an odd time to start with a list of goals like this? Are you currently setting any big goals for yourself? What do you do when you’re feeling uninspired? Share the tips, please!



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