Casey’s Fitness Corner – Superhero Power Blast!

Happy Wednesday!!
This week, I want to share where my inspiration stems from. Growing up, I wasn’t the type of girl who looked up to Disney Princesses and Barbie. My FAVORITE characters were always Super Heroes. I always go through phases of which characters are my favorite. At five years old I actually dressed up as The Hulk for Halloween…and no, not a girl version of The Hulk, I’m talking straight up HULK–drawn on angry eyebrows, fake muscles, green face paint and all (thanks, mom!). As I got a little older I found inspiration from the most badass, female superhero – Wonder Woman.
I never felt more motivated than after watching a movie with these comic book characters. I felt inspired to always be brave in any situation, loyal, and always think to put others before myself. These characters also inspired me to be strong both physically and mentally. I felt I could achieve ANYTHING after watching or reading about superheroes. With that said, I still absolutely love superheroes to this day. Whether it’s watching the latest movie, or coming up with workouts to feel stronger and more powerful like my idols! With that said, this week’s favorite workout of mine is what I have named the (you guessed it) SUPHERO POWERBLAST!
Super Hero Power Blast!
Spiderman crawls, 3×20
Superman walk out + pushup, 3×20
Catwoman step jumps, 3×15
Hulk slams, 3×30 seconds
* Repeat the above 3-4 times
Link to my instagram for video:  [IG = @burgers_and_squats]
Diet tip: My favorite protein bar of the week is COMBAT crunch! I love their cookie dough & birthday cake flavors! I like these because they’re low sugar, & low net carb yet still tasty. I ate this right before my SUPERHERO workout, and had the meal to the right after which was grilled chicken breast marinated in fat free Italian dressing, and grilled zuchinni/red bell peppers with a little sea salt, pepper, and a balsamic glaze. Simple, quick, easy, and yummy! 🙂

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