California Love; San Francisco

Hey!! So, again…little bit of a hiatus here. I was away for a bit traveling around Northern California with Dan and another couple we’re friends with. It was breathtakingly beautiful, as California always is. I love that state so much. I’m definitely a SoCal girl at heart but it was nice to see the upper part of the coast for the first time! We spent the majority of our trip drinking, eating and tasting everything in Napa Valley. We also did quite a bit of shopping there. I will do some posts this week highlighting the best parts of Napa. Since that was the longest part of our trip I’m going to break it up into two different posts. While we were at Napa we stayed at the Andaz and I highly recommend that hotel if you’re traveling over there in the future. It was perfect!! Beautiful, right in the heart of the town with walking distance to amazing restaurants and adorable little boutiques as well as the riverfront. It was a short drive away from St. Helena, Yountville and all the vineyards. After some time in Napa we headed over to San Francisco, after stopping at Muir Woods to see the awe inspiring, giant, majestic Redwoods. Today I’m going to recap Muir Woods and San Francisco!

After drinking wine all day and all night in Napa we swore we were switching to liquor and cocktails in San Francisco..but then….sparkling wine.


The view from Lombard St….which apparently is NOT the most crooked street in the world, or even in SF for that matter…


The beautiful beach which was said to be too cold to swim in but we saw a handful of surfers who felt otherwise.


To be honest, it was my hands down favorite part of the whole city


Dungeness crabs at Fisherman’s Wharf…worth braving the tourist trap spot for these guys. BTW, Fisherman’s Wharf reminded me of Times Square, but on the water. 


Entrance to Muir Woods. We had to drive along a scary winding cliffside that overlooked an incredibly deep valley. It made me realize that I may be more afraid of nights than I thought…


But the drive was worth it to see these giant beauties 


Absolutely unreal


The best bon bons from Boulevard


And an amazing dinner in a really cool spot, Foreign Cinema 


Riding the trolley 


Seagulls and ferries along the bay


Chinatown was a couple blocks away from our hotel


The view from the front balcony/courtyard of our hotel


This amazing chocolate chip cookie from Ghiradelli 


Driving up to the Golden Gate Bridge


I wans’t madly in love with San Francisco. At the end of the day, I’m just not a city person. I’m more of a laid back kind of girl and can do without all the business and congestion that is inherent to any big city. I’m glad I saw it and I have to say, the food was awesome and the people were incredibly friendly.