Top Five Fall Candles!



First off, you’ll notice that all these candles are from Bath & Body Works. I do buy candles from other places, however, when it comes to fall fragrance, I just don’t think Bath & Body Works can be beat. Their fragrances are so unique and incredibly nostalgic. Plus, they’re strong. I truly do love just about all of their fall fragrances but I forced myself to narrow it down to five. This was so not easy. So, if you’re on the hunt for some outstanding fall candles, look no further!

1. Marshmallow Fireside


My number one, hands down favorite fall scent EVER. Also, I was SO DAMN LATE on the bandwagon to this, I just discovered it last year, when it was packaged as Trick or Treat, their annual Halloween candle. I hadn’t even smelled it, just bought it for the cute packaging. When I first lit it I wasn’t sure what the scent was, because I’d had several candles going, but when I realized it was this…ohmigosh. I was captivated. It’s sweet, but lightly and uniquely smokey and truly smells exactly like roasting marshmallows over a fragrant bonfire, in the woods, in October. If October had a scent, this would be it.

2. Leaves


It just isn’t officially fall in my mind until I’ve lit a Leaves candle. It’s perfection, it’s everything fall should smell like. It smells like a day of apple picking. It’s very appley but also has a nice spicy, almost musky note that captures the essence of fallen leaves. Not only is a beautiful scent but it mixes well with others.

3. Pumpkin Coconut


This one is new this year, but easily became one of my top favorites. I am a summer girl through and through and this scent perfectly combines summer and fall. I hoarded this candle like no ones business, that’s how obsessed I am. It’s a rich, sweet bakery scent that smells like a spiced coconut cake fresh out of the oven. It’s deeper than typical coconut scents which are usually light, summery and kind of smell like sunscreen. This is pure, sweet, bakery goodness….omg in love.

4. Autumn


When I first sniffed this in the store, I wasn’t a big fan. I got a strong whiff of pine and it reminded me more of Christmas trees than fall. However, I kept hearing people rave about it so I picked one up. Now, I can’t get enough. This smells like a chilly Autumn morning, like when you first wake up and take your first step outside in the fall when the air is crisp. It’s a mix of apples, woodsy notes and pine and the pine sort of takes a back seat to the apple scent when it burns and somehow all the scents mix perfectly and this candle really does scream autumn.

5. Flannel


I think this candle is actually tied with Autumn. This smells almost exactly like Axe body spray. It smells like hugging my husband while he’s wearing a soft flannel and leather jacket. Ohmigosh…it basically smells like a warm hug on a cold day from a sexy man. I mean….

What are your favorite fall candles??



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