Weekend Reflections; Candles, Cocktails & Puppies

This is a combination of the past two weekends. Two weekends ago Dan and I went to dinner with another couple who we will be traveling to California with soon. This past weekend was my mother in law’s birthday. Both weekends included one day/night of getting dressed and going out and one night hanging in at home. Two weeks ago the weather was pretty shitty – rainy and FREEZING so it was the perfect opportunity to hang at home and light a bunch of candles.

Also, I’ve been pretty sick for the last two weeks…it’s the never-ending chest cold and I’m SO over it. What’s driving me crazy is that I still have this chest congestion and I know that being on a plane is just going to make it worse and/or bring it back on right when it’s finally nearing its end. I went to the doctor last week for a physical and also had him check out this cold because I’ve never had such a bad cough and chest congestion…like, ever. Everything turned out to be fine and this is just a really annoying, LINGERING virus. I keep trying to push through and basically just listen to my body. I’ve been feeling well enough to still go to the gym or run outside on warmer days to a point but what’s been happening is after about 3 or 4 consecutive days of exercise my body needs rest and I end up spending, like, a full entire day in bed. For example, today I slept until 9:30am! I know that probably doesn’t sound like anything crazy, but when your body is used to waking up between 4:30-5:30am, 9:30 is beyond sleeping late. You’d think sleeping in would have given me a boost of energy to go about my day, but, nope. I spent the day taking it easy, the most strenuous task being cleaning the apartment. I’m just so ready for this cold to be over with and finally get back to feeling like myself (and finally stop coughing, because it’s quite nasty sounding. ugh.).

I really didn’t need to discover a new candle company…an awesome new candle company.


These heels are as painful as they are beautiful…my feet were dying.


This past Saturday night looked something like this….


And also this..


Warning – do not go to Trader Joe’s and buy these unless you’re okay with the fact that you’re going to finish this entire thing, alone, in under three days. 


Dis face tho..


Also got to hang out with DIS face! My parents’ dog, Chewy.


We tried the Toasted Graham Latte from Starbucks. OHMIGOSH, it is so good. We split this and a Pumpkin Spice Latte trying to decide which one we liked better. We concluded that they’re really only good while the whipped cream lasts. 


My mom and I smothering The Googaly


How is Halloween around the corner already? HOW? Wasn’t Labor Day, like, yesterday?


Seriously, though, these Kringle candles are so wonderful.


My mom really gets me the most perfect gifts.


BTW, that’s a Boston Terrier phone case and it’s literally everything.


She also got Gatsby this dog toy wine bottle and when he plays with it, he cracks me up, every single time.


The only good thing about the temperatures dropping is that I get to break back into this guy’s impeccable wardrobe.


And I will end this post with this…you have to look for it, but, have you ever seen a cuter freaken shadow?




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