Sunday Night Burn

Dan and I used to go out to dinner every weekend. It was just our thing. Usually we hunted down all the new trendy spots and occasionally we settle on old favorites. Then we started house hunting so we scaled back on going out to save a little more money.

Then we got a bit complacent. We wanted to aim for a date night at least once a month because it’s FUN to get dressed up, to see each other make the effort to look our best and experience something new together. However, we just got lazy and it was so much easier to stay home and stay in pajamas and order pizza. Also, with us both working crazy hours during the week the weekends were reserved for house visiting. We’ve been spending all day Saturday and Sunday driving around and going in out of house after house after house. We’ve lost three houses and to be honest, house hunting is exhausting and mentally DRAINING. So coming home around 5pm or so on a Saturday after 4-6 hours of house hunting, the last thing either of us wanted to do was get dressed and go back out.

Lately, as the house selling season has settled down and we’ve had more free time on the weekends we’ve found ourselves back at the weekly date night. We didn’t even discuss it, it sort of just happened. One Saturday we had gotten home from the beach and I was about to jump in the shower when Dan told me to get dressed because he’d booked an 8pm reservation at a trendy new Italian spot that had recently opened. And that was it, since that weekend about a month ago we’ve had a date night every weekend.

This past weekend was my father in law’s 70th birthday and we had plans for an early dinner at a French bistro on the Hudson River Sunday afternoon. Dan still wanted to do dinner Saturday night but I’ve been PMSing with horrible skin breakouts that just started calming down so I didn’t want to wear makeup two days in a row (lame excuse not to go out I KNOW, but anyone who has struggled with acne can empathize!!). Sunday we had an awesome dinner with family and everyone left around 6 but Dan and I decided to stay behind and hang at the bar for a little.

It was the most beautiful night..we watched the sun start to set and enjoyed refreshing cocktails and talked about everything BUT the fact that we’ve been tirelessly searching for a house for over a year and still haven’t found anything. It was so nice to be present, to enjoy the moment. Dan made a point and said he enjoys these early Sunday dinners. The restaurants aren’t as crazy, ¬†you can go out early and enjoy the sunset and it’s just relaxing…it’s actually been a really lovely way to close the weekend. I had to snap a few pictures of last night’s sunset because it was breathtaking.


When we got home it was still early enough to snuggle on the couch with Gatsby and enjoy the ambiance of some candles.

In the kitchen I melted three votive’s of Yankee Candle’s Blueberry Scone. It’s such a strong scent of ripe blueberries and decadent bakery.

In my bedroom I had Yankee Candle’s Sun Dried Cotton which is a clean, relaxing laundry smell. I really like this scent in the bedroom at night I find it comforting to fall asleep too (I never burn a candle overnight or leave one on while I sleep — I burn it a few hours before bed and blow it out right before I go to sleep, the scent lingers).

In the living room I burned Blueberries & Cream and a Country Lane Keepsake Rockstar dupe melt in my warmer.

Finally, I had Watermelon Lemonade going in my front entry way. I just got that ceramic candle holder Saturday morning for $3!! An amazing 75% off steal at White Barn.

Hope your weekend was lovely!