Currently Burning – Summer Storm

I always found it funny how people associate “talking about the weather” as something boring or painful…or like, elevator talk with a stranger.

I LOVE talking about the weather and could talk about it all day. My husband and even watch the weather channel, like, for fun. In the winter I bitch about the weather but in the summer I praise it, no matter how crazy it gets…like it’s been lately. The past couple weeks it’s been crazy humid to the point where there have been some sporadic bursts of rain storms and then right back to sun. Yesterday it was GORGEOUS all day- bright and sunny and, yea, a bit humid. Though I’m not one to comment on humidity because I’m usually out running for miles in it and embracing the sweat.

Yesterday Gatsby had a vet appointment in the morning (please say a prayer for him, I found a small cluster of bumps on the back of his hind leg. The vet wasn’t worried and said there was nothing “evil” about it and he thinks it’s just a cystic mass that will go away on its on in two months. However, if it’s still there in September he’s going to test it, though he thinks even if it’s still there it will be benign. Just writing that last word is so scary. Please send good vibes and prayers ❤️) and then I brought him with me to run a myriad of errands. It was a gorgeous day. However, around 3:30 or so the sun disappeared and it looked like it was 9pm outside. By 4 thunder was roaring in and an a half hour later it was a full on thunder storm with lightning and pouring rain.

Gatsby and I happened to be outside on a walk the SECOND the storm hit. My husband was supposed to be right behind us (of course he was the one with the keys) but when the storm hit he was nowhere to be found. Gatsby and I SPRINTED to the front vestibule, watched the storm and a few minutes later my husband was at the door, soaking wet.

Once we were inside and safe I went ahead and lit up all my favorite stormy candles. There’s something about being stuck inside in a storm with your family and endless candles that is just so cozy, calming and wonderful. It’s one of my favorite things ever.

I had to document this burning session because, honestly, it was magical. Here’s what we relaxed to in yesterday’s storm.

From top left going clockwise —

Patchouli (wax melt) from Country Lane Keepsakes, a vendor shop off Etsy. I LOVE her wax! She has the hands down best Lush Dupes and this Patchoili is just divine. Her tarts are crazy strong and throw beautifully, hence why I cut them up into such tiny chunks. A little goes a VERY long way. I don’t know why, but I really like the scent of Patchouli on rainy days

Tea & Cakes (wax melt) from House of Wax Melts, another vendor shop off Etsy. This particular scent is VERY strong but I didn’t have such good luck with her clamshells. I’ll stick to buying her wax that comes in baggies, those tarts throw much better. Her Tea & Cakes is decadent. I crave tea scents on rainy days — like rain, tea and snuggling up with a book, does it get better? I went with Tea & Cakes over just a plain tea scent because I really wanted to create that cozy vibe that only a bit of bakery can deliver.

Storm Front from Kringle Candle, this is a masculine/fresh scent. It’s just got a clean, fresh vibe that I enjoy in a storm. I’m not quite sure why, but I love this one in the kitchen.

Storm Watch from Yankee Candle, NECESSARY. It’s just not a rainy day without this candle. It smells like the earth when it’s still damp after a storm. Like a rain drenched garden. Divine! As you can see, it’s not in its original glass. I accidentally dropped it the other week and it shattered and my heart broke. It’s one of my all time favorites so I couldn’t bare to part with it. Luckily I had just finished a Bath & Body Works 3 wick, so I removed the last bit of wax, peeled off the label and cleaned it out. Then I carefully removed the Storm Watch wax out of the broken glass and simply dropped it into the B&BW jar. Of course I stuck the Yankee label onto the jar because the label is half the appeal of this candle. That lightning bolt!

A picture of Storm Watch sitting on the window sill with the rain coming down outside. So cozy!

Summer Storm from Yankee Candle, it’s the patchouli in this candle that gets me. This is a mix of fresh/masculine and patchouli but I always burn it alongside a patchouli melt so that note comes through the most. It’s a lovely scent, but I wish it was stronger. The label is stunning and I adore that rust colored wax.



To end the night we cooked a light, healthy dinner of broiled tilapia, whole wheat pasta and roasted asparagus. I just started a new diet where a couple days a week I have high carb days and they are awesome!




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