Little Things

I’ll admit, I’m that girl who tends to walk around with her face buried in her phone. Sometimes I’m texting, sometimes just randomly scrolling, checking emails, etc. However, lately I’ve tried to make myself more aware of this less than stellar habit and either leave my phone at home or stuff it in my bag/pocket when I’m out and about.

Everytime I actually do this I feel utterly spoiled by my surroundings. It’s like I forget how beautiful life and this world can be but then I remember how awesome even the smallest things are…

Like a group of ducks chillin’ on the ledge of a pond waiting for the perfect moment to dive in..


Or the softest, fluffiest clouds filling the sky..


And then sometimes the most beautiful things are right at home.


(Clearly the first two pictures were taken with my phone while out for a walk…ironic. Hah, but in full disclosure my phone was in my pocket and I couldn’t help myself to take it out and snap a quick pic. Then promptly put it back away before checking Instagram.)



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