Plain White T

The other week while I was doing laundry I decided to clean out one of my dressers that I rarely dip into. I think every woman has that part of her wardrobe…the area sanctioned for stuff we *rarely* ever wear but can’t bear to part with. You know, the pile of stuff that either still has the tags on it or hasn’t been worn since college? Yea, that’s what I decided to dive into.

I went in with a plan and big, empty garbage bag. I actually did toss a lot but then I came across this white tee shirt. At first I thought it was from Forever 21 but the fabric was too thick and the quality was too good. I have no idea where I purchased it from but it was in great condition and actually seemed like it would be quite comfy. I stood there holding it, envisioning this “live in everyday, go with any outfit” piece but wondered, why the hell haven’t I actually ever worn it?

So then Saturday came and my husband and I had dinner plans at a low key local restaurant. I wanted to dress up for the sake of dressing up and picked out a nice blouse to pair with ripped cut offs and booties (my go to). At the last minute I saw the damn tee I had found earlier in the week and decided to reevaluate my outfit plan. I opened my closet and saw the new pair of joggers I just picked up from Nordstrom. They’re super comfy but fitted enough to look sophisticated. I decided to pair the tee with the dark grey joggers and nude heels.

I loved the way this looked. It was simple and laid back yet still somewhat trendy and put together. I had let my hair air dry because I was planning on curling it but when I saw the effortless look of the outfit I decided to keep my hair as it was. My makeup was super light and I wanted to keep the look minimal and effortless so the only accessory I wore was a thin black bangle (and my wedding bands, of course). My husband loved everything about this outfit and I felt amazing in it. Sometimes all you need to do is take a step out of your comfort zone and away from your “go to”.


Oh, and the best part is, I did end up living in this tee for the rest of the weekend. I wore it Sunday when we went out to do errands paired with cut offs and converse sneakers.


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