Bad Habits

I was just sitting here gnawing away at my cuticles like I ALWAYS do and actually put my hand under my butt to stop myself. Then I started biting the cuticles on the OTHER hand.

I have a lot of bad/annoying habits but honestly, for me, biting my cuticles is the worst. It’s really a disgusting habit. I HATE that I do it but I do it so often and have been doing it for so long that most of the time I don’t even realize I’m doing it. My nail beds and cuticles and permanently swollen and chopped up, usually scabbed or bleeding and I hate how they look. I really don’t know how to stop. A while back I tried that stuff from CVS that you wipe over your nails that tastes so bad it’s supposed to make you stop. I just kept biting anyway.

So I figured why not write a post publicly declaring my desire to stop? And if I’m going to making the effort to stop this why not try to stop other bad habits?


– procrastinating. Especially when it comes to the little things like making the bed or texting my friends back

– saying the words “so”, “uhh” and “like” COSNTANTLY

– saying yes to anyone and anything even when I really want to say no and know I will end up flaking out when the moment comes

– the many little awkward twitches I have

– spending too much money on stupid shit I do not need…like a $4.99 donut shaped post it pack from Marshals …

– not using my turn signal when I drive

– cursing like a sailor, no matter where I am or who I’m with

– sleeping in / sleeping through 8-12 snoozes

– drinking coffee when I should be drinking water

I guarantee there are TONS more. I’m also sure that if you asked my husband, family members and friends they would be able to come up with a list quadruple that amount in a matter of seconds. Regardless. Point is, I want to try to stop doing these stupid/gross/annoying/rude/etc bad little habits.

And if anyone out there has any advice on how to stop biting my cuticles please, please, please share.



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