The Best Cure for a Sunburn

It’s Labor Day Weekend and the weather has been….unpredictable.

This past week (the last week of August) my friend took the week off from work. August, especially the last two weeks are DEAD in fitness so knowing I wasn’t going to have much going on I told her I would keep her company on her staycation and hang out with her at her pool. Well, Monday and Tuesday it rained. Wednesday I work super early in the morning and by the time I headed home it was still overcast. I ended up getting to her pool around 11 Weds morning and it was pretty cloudy. However, it was definitely the good type of overcast where you can get seriously tan, but not burned. So we slathered on absurd amounts of Maui Babe and basked. We got some color but nothing crazy. Definitely no burns, nothing harsh – my face didn’t even freckle (btw, I ALWAYS put at least spf30 on my face…because if I don’t my dermatologist doesn’t let me live it down).

By 3ish it started to rain so we headed out to lunch. Thursday it was POURING all day and I had some art work/meetings in Connecticut and my friend came for the ride with me…no laying out. Friday was gorgeous but I worked in the morning so I didn’t get to her pool till about 2. By that time the sun is isn’t so strong so I only used spf8, Maui Babe (it’s got coconut oil in itwhich has a natural spf of 10) and 30 on my face. I actually got some good color, the sun was the strongest it had been all week and going out in the less strong hours left me with a nice bronze.

Saturday was cloudy and miserable so today when we woke up and saw the sun BLAZING my husband and I had to hit up the beach. Now, with my experience in the sun all week and realizing the summer intensity is fading I wasn’t expecting to get much sun in terms of tanning/burning. Not to mention it was very windy so I didn’t even feel hot. All I used was spf30 on my face and 15 on my chest. Yea, I know…..I committed the mortal sin and sat at the beach for the entire day with zero protection. My sad, pathetic excuse? There were too many wasps swarming the beach for my liking and I didn’t want to put any scent on my skin and give them an extra incentive to come bother me.

Regardless, I didn’t realize how badly my skin burnt until I took a shower this evening. I know, totally my own fault and I have no excuse. Luckily, it’s the end of the summer and my skin is used to the sun so it’s not a bad burn by any means and doesn’t even look red but I can feel the heat of the burn and experienced the chills after my shower.

So post shower, instead of rubbing lotion on myself I went with my tried and true sunburn savior. This is the BEST thing you can do for your skin after a burn!!!! It soothes the pain, sting, hear and chills from a burn INSTANTLY! It releases the heat instead of trapping it (like aloe does, where even the slightest breeze feels freezing cold and uncomfortable). It’s soothing, moisturizing and wonderful AND it completely prevents peeling!!!!! I am the type to peel after every, even a minimal burn. Ever since I started using this method I don’t peel whatsoever.

Ok….here it is…’s gross and it stinks let me warn you.

Apple cider vinegar and coconut oil.

trust me. It is the magic equation that cures a sunburn completely overnight. You’ll never buy aloe again. It’s changed my life, I wish I knew about this years ago!! And you might be thinking the vinegar will burn because that’s what I thought. I was terrified to put vinegar on my pained skin but the second it touches your skin the pain is instantly relieved!

Here’s what you do–douse a towel in water, ring it out so its damp. Drizzle ACV on damp towel. Press onto burnt skin…in sections. Rewet the towel with water and vinegar as you need to. You just hold the vinegar soaked towel on your skin for 3–5 counts. Then move onto the next area of skin while the vinegar dries and soaks in. Once your dry (the worse your burn the quicker it will take) SMOTHER yourself in coconut oil. The ,ore the better because this is all about moisturizing the fuck out of your skin. A burn dries the life out of your skin, that’s how you’re left with wrinkles and peel. So keep that shit moisturized! I even use this method on my face, regardless that my face never burns. And no, it doesn’t make me break out, but everyone is different. Coconut oil doesn’t happen to clog my pores.

Yes, the vinegar scent is potent, and I won’t lie…it does last on your skin and you smell pretty sour. The coconut oil overpowers it but still, that vinegar note is definitely there. If the smell really bothers you, coconut oil by itself still works wonders in getting rid of a burn and preventing peeling. The vinegar mostly removes the pain — though the combination really is the best you can do. If the sunburn makes you that miserable you won’t mind the smell, trust me. I’ve been there.

Today I never changed the direction I sat in at the beach as sun moved so my right leg and upper back got burnt the worst. I only put the ACV on this areas and smothered those parts along with threat of my body in coconut oil. Tomorrow when I wake up I won’t have pain, won’t feel the heat of the burn and will have a great, deep tan that won’t even peel.

I know it sounds like some crazy new age quick fix but it WORKS! You can Google it and see for yourself. I swear, I’ve had many sun burns a save tried everything and NOTHING works like this. This is the first summer I’ve tried it and my sunburns haven’t lasted longer than a day.




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