Yesterday’s outfit was called —

“I have my period.”


Can I just say…throwing a poncho over a maxi dress is the best idea I’ve ever had. If I can pat my own back for a second.

It covers EVERYTHING. And while every bit of bloatedness was hidden and every insecurity was concealed, I felt so effortlessly beautiful. I was comfy as FUCK. Honestly, I felt like I was wearing pajamas.

I clipped in some hair extensions and tossed my hair in a ponytail because the last thing I wanted to do was wash it. My hair is much shorter than the extensions, which is especially obvious in a high pony, so I took my real hair, braided it and wrapped it around the hair tie.

Shoes of choice?

Flip flops, obviously.


Maxi dress and poncho.

DO IT. Do it when…

you have your period

your arms are too fluffy

your tummy is too bloated

your thighs are smothering each other

your boobs are too ginormous to fit in any bra you own

when nothing works

when nothing is right

when nothing fits

when nothing looks good

when the mirror hates you

when everything in your closet hates you

when you just wana scream

when nothing works

when you would rather just stay HOME.

Those were all the thoughts I had yesterday. And that outfit concealed them all. I felt beautiful. I didn’t feel like I was obviously hiding myself. It just WORKED. I have skirts but forget the skirt. When you have your period, you don’t want ANYTHING closing on your waist..lets be real. The maxi was the obvious choice but then my boobs were so swollen my nips were popping out of my bra (tmi I’m sorry) and I felt like my arms were just….fluffy. So I threw that poncho on over the dress and all was right with the world.

Try it!



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