I’m on day 4 of this weird flu type virus.

I will say…the one positive is how much sleep I’ve gotten. Until of course, tonight. As it’s midnight and my mind is racing, my heart is racing and my anxiety is up. I have no idea why. Maybe I do. Maybe it’s a combination of everything and/or every little thing.

The other night though, I was so achey and my body was so beat from this bug that even after sleeping all day I was in bed by 8:15pm and I was OUT.

I’m still sick but why can’t I sleep anymore? All I got was one good night and now the sleeplessness is back? I’m so over it. Why can’t my brain just turn OFF. My body is tired, my eyelids are closing but my mind just won’t stop.

Anyone have any good meditation tips? Something/anything to turn my head off?




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