Thanks for stopping by! My name is Lindsay, I’m a twenty-something, newlywed living in Westchester County, a little area of southern New York right outside Manhattan. I live with my husband, Dan and our sweet, psycho Boston Terrier, Gatsby. My boys are my life. I’m a full time fitness instructor and personal trainer at BFX Studio in Chelsea, downtown NYC.


I’ve been in the fitness industry since I was 19 and have competed nationally in the bikini division in both the WNBF and NPC organizations (first place both times!) and in the meantime I’ve also earned a BA in Philosophy and MA in Mental Health Counseling. I chose to per-sue fitness full time as I felt I was able to reach my clients in a more tangible way than what the world of mental health provided. At the end of the day, my goal has always been to help others find peace, balance and happiness while working towards becoming the best version of themselves. Fitness has always given me the outlet to reach people in this way. It’s also the most inspiring field; I’m literally blown away by all the strong, incredible people I meet on a daily basis–clients and professionals alike!


I created this blog to serve as my creative outlet. I was born an artist, inheriting my creative passion from both of my talented parents. My father is an incredible self taught artist, an incredible painter, sculptor, sketcher, etc. My mother is a creative maven, a goddess of all things crafting, interior design and diy. I believe that a passion for all things creative is in my blood. One of my favorite creative outlets has always been writing. I started journaling at a young age and never stopped. This blog is basically my journal. It keeps me motivated to never stop indulging in my passion. And, I’ll be honest, since I finished school I’ve actually really missed structured writing. Is that weird? I’m that girl…I mean, I loved writing papers. While this blog has filled a bit of that void I still find myself needing more. I’m currently writing a fiction novel; just a small way to do a little of what I love during my free time.


I believe life is about balance, something I’m still trying to find myself. I’m a fitness professional but I also love to cook and bake. I believe that cookies and cake totally have their place in the gym, it’s all about balance. My favorite form of exercise at the moment is swimming, although I have a new favorite way to be active pretty much every day.


I’m a coffee addict with a raging sweet tooth, I have a not-so-secret obsession with pigs and I’m a total beach bum at heart. I’m just an outgoing, silly chick with way too much energy who smells like vacation [thanks to an unhealthy obsession with perfumes reminiscent of the beach].


If you ever have any:

  • questions
  • blog collaboration inquiry
  • training inquiry
  • class schedule
  • just want to chat

email me — lindsaycentonze [at] gmail [dot] com



Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo, Lindsay



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