Two Piece

Over a year ago I was shopping in between teaching classes at work. I was having a good day — you know, I’d been eating healthy and working out daily for a few weeks. I was feeling myself. By the way that’s like the worst time to shop for clothes. Because what happens, at least for me, is that I end up buying the ridiculous piece I would have never bought if I wasn’t feeling exceptionally good/confident. Then, I get it home, put it on and feel like a sac of potatoes. Then I just get sad and hate myself for having 4 beers with dinner the night before. And pick myself apart. And throw said item of clothing into the depths of my closet never to be seen again.

So yea, over a year ago I bought a piece like that. I was in TJ Maxx (there is a GREAT one in NYC right by my studio that I love) and felt like trying on one of those Kim K skirts (I don’t know what they’re really called, that’s just what I call them). You know the skirt–the ones she always wears with a crop top. It’s tight, high waisted, shows off EVERYTHING. So yea. I had it on in the fitting room with nothing but a sports bra and thought YES, I’m going to wear this EVERYWHERE!! Despite the fact that I’m so not a skirt/dress girl in any way shape or form. Regardless. It was a good day, I felt great in it and it came home with me. Only to sit in my closet for over a year never to be touched.

Last week I was deep cleaning my apartment so I emptied out one of my dressers with the intention of throwing out anything that I hadn’t worn in the last 6 months. Mind you, I had just gotten over some type of flu likes virus and hadn’t eaten much in 4 days. As I was cleaning out I was also looking for an outfit to wear the following night. Well I saw the skirt and thought maybe it would look cute with this black crop I have and some flat sandals. I tried it on and was like YUP.


I was wondering why I hadn’t worn the damn thing sooner!! But then I remembered I’d been sick and starving for days. It’s a feel good piece for SURE. I set it aside to wear the following day to my sister’s rehearsal dinner. I actually loved the way it looked and felt really confident even though it’s an outfit that’s totally out of my comfort zone.


I did contemplate whether or not I should keep it. Would I actually wear it again? It’s so not “me”. But I decided to keep it and I will wear it again because it feels good to step out of your comfort zone and feel confident in something different. I think it would look really cute for a casual dinner out with a white tank top knotted to a crop in the front, nude or tan sandals and maybe a braid? Either way, I will definitely find more uses and more outfits for this skirt.

As I cleaned out my clothes I felt really inspired to make an effort to dress out of my own box and wear things I never wore before. Or at least try to style things in a unique way or a way I haven’t tried yet.