Friday Favorites…on a Monday

What better way to kick the Monday blues than reminisce about fun weekend things, right? That often helps me at least. When I’m having one of those Mondays, you know, the Mondays that really feel like a Monday, it helps to think positive thoughts and reflect on the fun I had over the weekend. The reflection typically lifts my spirits and brightens my mood while also perking me up with excitement and anticipation for the coming weekend. I love busy weeks where I actually have some planning to do for the weekend. With the holidays approaching this weekend this will be one of those weeks. Speaking of holidays, Happy Holy Week to my Easter celebrating friends and Happy Passover to my Jewish friends! I hope all of your holidays are filled with family, fun, love and great food. :)

Ok, let’s get on to some fun stuff! We’ll start with what made me embarrassingly giddy and happy all day yesterday from the very second I took my first whiff….does that sound bad? I’m talking about this perfume:


1. Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder. OH MY GOODNESS. Stop. Just, stop. This scent is what I imagine heaven will smell like when if I walk through those gates. Obviously, because heaven will be a glorious sandy beach where I will forever be island dark and never, ever burn or worry about skin cancer. This stuff doesn’t smell like the typical “tropical” beach scent (think coconut, sweet fruits and tropical floral notes), not at all. Instead, it smells EXACTLY like what your towel smells like when you leave the beach, minus any body odor of course. Note to the universe, never hire me to write a review for scents. I’m not doing the perfume justice, this stuff smells INCREDIBLE. Instead of that fruity/floral tropical scent it smells more like the best sunscreen. Imagine three beautiful, tan, bikini clad girls just walked passed you, one was wearing Coppertone sunscreen, one had on Hawaiian Tropic and one had on Banana Boat and as they walked by you were hit with the scent of all their sunscreen plus some feminine perfume and that pretty, beachy scent every beautiful girl at the beach just emanates. That’s what this stuff smells like. I DIED. Amazingly enough, I didn’t even know this stuff existed until the other day! Although my mom used to shop at Estee Lauder and took me there to buy some of my first makeup products, I’m not really a fan of their makeup or skincare. When it comes to skincare, I’m predominantly a loyal Khiel’s girl, actually.

ANYWAY, last week I was on the treadmill reading Jessica’s blog and she mentioned the lotion form of this stuff. She described it far better than what I just attempted and I made a mental note to check it out. Yesterday Dan and I were at Lord & Taylor because I needed (yes, needed) a pair of Converse. It just so happened that the Estee Lauder counter was right next to the shoes. I wandered over, completely lost at the counter and of course my mental note failed me and I couldn’t for the life of me remember what the lotion was called. OH, and I didn’t even remember it was a lotion or perfume. When the sales woman asked me for help I said, “Yea, I’m looking for this lotion that I’ve never heard of, I forgot the name, I read about it on a blog and it smells like the beach? Well, like sunscreen?”

Blank stare, “We have some products with SPF right this way..”

“No, no, no, it smells like sunscreen! But, it’s just a lotion.”

“Ok, and what’s it called?”

“I don’t know, I just know it smells amazing.”

At this point I caught a glimpse of my husband’s face which I believe projected, “why do I go anywhere in public with you?”.

The saleswoman thought for a bit and then her eyes lit up and she said, “OH! You must be talking about Bronze Goddess! [points to a sign with Beyonce on it and a tray of orange and coral makeup products] It’s a limited edition scent, it only comes out in March I’ll grab you the sample! It’s a perfume!”

As she walked off to get it I was leaning over the counter reminding her that, “No! No, it’s not a perfume! It’s a lotion that smells like –”

Before I could even finish that thought she was waving a spritzed piece of paper in front of my face that smelled like….HEAVEN! I inhaled the scent and as she handed me the bottle to examine I promptly sprayed it all over myself. She informed me that she didn’t have the lotion but this was most likely what I was looking for and it was currently on sale. Based on the description I read, even though I only vaguely remembered it at this point, I knew it was it. Dan enjoyed the scent too so we bought it. There was no way I was leaving without it. When we got in the car Dan said, “wow, that really does smell like the beach. Like Coppertone”. Yup. Throughout the afternoon every time I walked past him he pointed out the beachy scent. It’s just insane. I basically want everything in my life to smell like this all the time. I’ve never been so in love with a scent. IT’S ONLY OUT IN MARCH!! Go get this stuff NOW!


2. So Sunday night after purchasing my beachy perfume I was inspired to create a beachy cocktail. I recently tried this new vodka called Ultimat, which is actually by Patron. Tequila is my drink of choice so I figured a vodka made by the tequila kings would be right up my alley. It’s a great smooth, velvety vodka! When Dan and I went to Curacao a few years ago their signature drink was this Blue Curacao lemonade which I loved! I recreated it by mixing 1 part Ultimate Vodka with 2 parts lemonade and a splash of orange juice. I shook that together with ice, poured it in a glass and topped it with 1/2 ounce of Blue Curacao and let the pretty color feather out into the drink. It was so refreshing and took me right back to the beaches of Curacao! Naturally, I painted my nails with Essie’s Bikini So Teeny…to follow suit with my beach themed day and match my drink. Because I’m that girl. 

3. I recently started reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and I cannot put it down!! I bought it to read at the beach and have been trying to savor it but that’s not happening. I’m not even half way through yet and I’ve been recommending it to everyone! I already told Dan that May 1st is the start date for my own one year happiness project. I love that she based the book off research she conducted on positive psychology and historical, philosophical literature. As someone who holds a BA in philosophy and an MA in psychology I have read most of the books and articles she refers to and really enjoy her take and interpretation on it. 

4. Finally, a few new to me songs that I simply cannot get enough of!!

Sheila Put the Knife Down – Junior Prom

Habits – Tove Lo 

505 – Arctic Monkeys


Have a great week! xoxo

Peep Inspired Easter Treats

Easter is one of my favorite holidays (aside from my beloved Halloween). I love everything about it from the deep, wonderful meaning behind it to the pastel colored eggs, bunny shaped chocolate and little girls going to church decked out in bonnets and frilly dresses. 


Also, not surprisingly, I love Peeps. After all, holidays are really about the food, right? Easter is a bit different than the winter holidays when it comes to the grub. Around Christmas season we pretty much go all out with the decadence, think cookies, hot chocolate, breakfast, brunch and dinner (all at once..) plus the myriad of festive cocktails on top of that. Whew, I’m full just thinking about it. Easter is a little different, a little…lighter. The holiday kicks off the spring and warmer months and while I’ve certainly had my share of Easter dinners, Easter brunches have been more of a standard. If not brunch, at least an early dinner. Even the Peep is a fairly light treat in comparison to a dense, rich, buttery Christmas cookie. 

Therein lies the challenge for someone like me who loves to cook and bake in decadent abundance. I like to make something fun, festive and delicious but not something too heavy to devour one (or ten..) servings of before noon. I’ve found that the little Peep is festive and light enough to make some great Easter treats. I wanted to share some fun treats I’ve made for Easters past along with a little link up of fun, Peep-inspired treats I’ve been inspired by and hope to make in the future. Enjoy!


Peep Inspired Easter Treats

1. Resurrection Rolls with a Peep


I originally saw the idea for Resurrection Rolls here via Pinterest. I thought it was the cutest thing and so appropriate for Easter! Considering that most Easter treats are more reflective of Spring time (bunnies, chicks, eggs, etc.) I was immediately intrigued by a food that captured the true meaning of Easter. You bake the marshmallow inside a crescent roll and in the oven the marshmallow melts so you’re left with a hollowed out, empty roll which is supposed to resemble Jesus’ empty tomb on Easter morning. Definitely a fun baking project to do with kids and a great way to teach them the story of Easter! I decided to take it up a notch and use a pretty, colorful Peep instead of a plain marshmallow. I scoured Pinterest to find that plenty of others had the same idea and that it worked beautifully! These were incredibly easy to make and the presentation speaks for itself. I serve these before the meal to snack on or even to have with salad. They’re slightly sweet but no more so than braided Easter bread. 

2. Peep Cake


I originally saw this recipe in the Food Network magazine and knew I HAD to make it! You bake the cake layers in oven safe bowls to create the head of the peep. The bottom layer is baked in a square pan and you cut the corners off and reattach them to the head with skewers to create the “beak”. In all honesty, it was a bit laborious but I enjoyed sculpted and building the cake. A good tip is to make the cake early and freeze it so you’re working with much more sturdy pieces. I used a boxed mix for this which added to the ease of it all. The frosting is a simple egg white meringue frosting with a bit of almond and vanilla extracts which magically tastes just like marshmallow. The sugar sprinkled over the cake delivers that iconic Peep taste. At the very least, it’s incredibly impressive!


Of course, I decorated it with real Peeps because….I can’t stop.

3. Cake Filled Eggs


Yes, that is real egg shell filled with Funfetti cake & vanilla frosting. I KNOW. My mom and I made these last year after finding the recipe and directions on Pinterest. Not only are they INSANELY adorable (your friends and family will praise you as the Baking Goddess you are after creating these!) but they’re so small that you won’t feel like you have to pass up cake after a big meal! Once again, a bit of work is involved with these but so, so, so worth it.

4. Strawberry Surprise Spring Cupcakes


Made from a box mix, these are probably the easiest “impressive” cupcakes ever. I baked up a batch of cupcakes using the Duncan Hines Strawberry Flavor box mix, baked according to directions. When they were cooled I cored out and removed a chunk of the center of the cupcake with a serrated knife. Then I popped a small, whole, hulled strawberry right into the cupcake. To keep it simple I even used canned frosting. This was the Pillsberry Key Lime flavored frosting and it was pretty mint green shade (you know I LOVE pink and mint together in the spring!). I piped the frosting over the top of the cupcake and exposed strawberry and sprinkled them with pastel, spring themed sprinkled. I placed all the cupcakes in those festive, flower petal liners (after I baked them!) that I purchased from a craft store. These looked so adorable sitting on our Easter brunch table that no one wanted to eat them! Of course we did, though. Can’t go wrong with edible decorations!


Here are some other great treats I’ve seen floating around the internets:


5. Peeps Candy Bars I LOVE this idea! Great way to utilize a variety of pretty Easter candy AND it calls for a simple box mix! Plus, it’s easily customizable as you can use any flavor cake mix and any color Peep.

6. White Chocolate Dipped Peeps Talk about EASY! As far as presentation goes, these couldn’t be cuter. I may even make some to put in my husband’s Easter basket.

7. Peep Sunflower Cake I’m pretty sure that this is the cake I will be making this year. It’s so gorgeous and it really elevates the Peeps. It’s the one Peep dessert that doesn’t look overly kiddish.

8. Peep S’mores I’ve made these before and they’re the perfect treat to wind down your Easter Sunday night with! The sugar coating on the Peep adds a welcome surprise texture to the original S’mores!

9. Chocolate Peep Cupcake These remind me of the Sunflower Cake. I love how these also elevate the Peep and make for an elegant, classy little cupcake.

10. Peep Bird’s Nest Krispie Treat HOW springy are these?! These are most likely going to be my other must make treat this year. I cannot even stand the cuteness.

11. Peep Rice Krispie Pie So easy, so impressive! You could also make this with a giant chocolate chip cookie pie instead of a rice krispie treat! If you have children, this would be a great Easter dessert. I know I would have LOVED this as a kid.

12. Peep Filled Chocolate Eggs Using a simple chocolate mold makes these impressive desserts super easy! How cute would this be as a table setting?! My mother-in-law always leaves a dark chocolate bunny in front of everyone’s plate at Easter. When it’s my turn to host Easter brunch I’m going to leave one of these adorable little chocolate surprises on my guests’ plates! 


Happy Baking! If you have any Peep recipes or Peep treats that you love PLEASE share in the comments! :) 


Restaurant Review: Tapas in Larchmont

Saturday night my husband and I went out to dinner here in Westchester with his parents. While I very much enjoyed our company, I unfortunately cannot say the same for our experience at the restaurant. 

The four of us enjoy going out and trying new restaurants together. My husband’s parents are a bit less adventurous than us when it comes to selecting a spot or cuisine so we typically go for recently opened restaurants that are under the same ownership or management by a different spot that we already know and love. Such is why we selected Palomino in Larchmont. We’ve frequently dined at Sonora in Port Chester which is under the same ownership. Sonora is one of my favorite little spots. I enjoy the decor inside from the butterfly mural at the entranceway to the warm orange walls and arched walkways in the dining area. The food, wine and sangria are consistently delightful. We figured Palomino would be a similar experience with similar cuisine. 

We walked into a pretty little setting with high ceilings and warm, neutrals tones. Unlike Sonora, which winds around a bit, has a sunken dining area and a sectioned off bar, Palomino was one large open space with the bar and seating area all in one giant room. It was a bit tight but I didn’t mind that as I tend to enjoy the intimate feeling I get from smaller restaurants, plus mirrored walls helped open up the space.

My husband and I arrived before his parents and our table was not yet ready so, naturally, we went for a drink at the bar. The hostess was quite helpful and ran down to end of the bar to secure two open adjacent seats for us. Unfortunately, that was the last we saw of good service. There were two bartenders and one came to take our order immediately, however there was no cocktail menu around and I like peruse one of those for an exciting new-to-me drink before ordering. When I asked for a menu the bartender seemed a bit annoyed and rushed, which was understandable as it was 8pm on a Saturday night. I didn’t mind as the hostess returned immediately with a cocktail menu for me. It was short and sweet so it didn’t take too long to select an option. Dan and I sat with the menu closed waiting for one of the bartenders to return. We were seated at the end of the bar where they were making drinks for service. They weren’t so busy with the service bar that they had to completely ignore us and the fact that we were trying to flag them down…you know, right in front of their faces. It wasn’t until Dan’s parents arrived and joined us at our bar seats (our table was still not ready) that the second bartender approached us to take our drink orders. I ordered the Blood Orange Jalapeño Margarita which was actually fantastic! It was tart with a perfect balance of sweetness and bite of tequila. The jalapeño was not overpowering, but left the most perfect whisper of heat on the back of my tongue after each sip. So delightful that I forgot and forgave the fact that it took a bit over a half hour to receive it. 


Before we could finish our round of drinks we were seated. We scanned the menu for about ten minutes or so before our server came to take our order. We ordered two servings of guacamole and one appetizer to share and put in for our order of entrees (two large plate meals for his parents and four tapas small plates for Dan and I to share). The appetizers came out quickly and when they arrived Dan and I were ready for another round of drinks. He got another beer and I switched to wine. They didn’t have the wine I asked for and our server recommended a blend which isn’t my favorite, but sounded fine. The guacamole was great, but honestly, how hard is it to fuck up freshly mashed table side guac? We also got the oxtail appetizer, which was a special and it was savory and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. It definitely left me with high hopes for our meal.


About ten minutes or so after we devoured our appetizers I was dying for a sip of wine but my new glass was nowhere to be found. When they came to clear our appetizers I reminded them that I had ordered it when the apps were brought to the table. Another ten or so minutes passed (I’m being gracious with time here, now) and our server came to refill our waters and assure us that our entrees would be out shortly. I asked her if the wine that I had ordered now nearly a half hour ago would also be ready shortly. My mother-in-law ordered another glass of wine at this point. Dan said I was being a bitch, I blamed it on the fact that I had already lost my Margarita buzz. I went to the bathroom, came back and at this point it was no surprise that neither my wine, my mother-in-law’s wine nor my entree had arrived yet. Mind you, our reservation was for 8pm and at this point it was 9:20pm. At this point I was sober, tired and hungry…you know, exactly the way I like to spend my Saturday night. I guess I had bitch face on loud and clear because the hostess popped in again to cheerfully see how everything was. I returned the cheerfulness and responded with a smile while informing her that everything’s been great with the exception of the wine I ordered last week, the wine my MIL ordered twenty minutes ago and maybe they could check on our entrees while they were at it? It took another 5-10 minutes before our original server scurried over with my wine and an apology. It took a reminder and another five minutes before my MIL got her wine. Dan also got his beer at this time, after yet another reminder. Shortly after that our food arrived. It was good but not great. We got the Salmon tar tar, crab croquettes, truffle mac’n’cheese, and cod tacos. 

First, let me just dedicate a full line to the “cod taco”, which really was not much of cod or taco. The taco was a light and airy puffed up, fried wonton wrapper. Inside it had approximately two and a half single shreds of dry cabbage. On top of that was a small piece of fried cod. When I say small I mean less than half the size of my pinky….toe. When I say small I mean I picked up my “taco” and searched the plate to see if the insides of my taco had fallen out on the plate. There was a drizzle of some type of white mayo based sauce, on the plate of course, nowhere near the taco which was three components of dry on dry on dry. Dry wonton, dry minuscule piece of fried cod, two dry shreds of cabbage. I wish I was exaggerating. Dan’s reaction was something like, “the fuck is this?”. 

The mac’n’cheese was good. Once again, like guac, hard to fuck up. The crab croquettes were good as well, my only issue was that they were room temperature. Like, not even remotely warm. My guess is because they were most likely sitting on the line for the 45 plus minutes we had to wait for them. Just a guess. 

The salmon tar tar was….a spoonful of diced raw salmon sitting on top of a little homemade potato chip topped with another little homemade potato chip that was rubbed with approximately a teaspoon of guacamole. All together the dish must have had about .75 ounces of salmon. I mean, I know it’s tapas but…

After our meals we asked for the check. Surprisingly enough they were INCREDIBLY prompt with that!! The check arrived on our table in LESS THAN five minutes!! Even more amazing, once we slid the credit card in it was picked up and run through IMMEDIATELY! Wow! Where the fuck was that service when I ordered my drink?

So, I left Palomino sober, tired, hungry and a touch irritable. At least I didn’t have to wait around to pay the bill, though, right? All ended well though as my husband and I stopped by Savona in Scarsdale, a restaurant that has never been less than delightful, for a nightcap. We were welcomed and served immediately and I had the most delicious Peachy Prosecco cocktail. It had a decent kick that helped me forget all about the several hours I spent waiting around Palomino.


[ peachy prosecco & B&B at Savona ]


Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


Weekend Things

Yes, I know it’s already Wednesday. The middle of the week is when I start to feel amped up for the weekend. There are only two days left and Thursday isn’t so bad thanks to the anticipation of Friday that comes along with it. Friday is actually my busiest day of the week so it flies by, then BOOM-Saturday morning. Ahhh….

I’m hoping this weekend is as much fun as last weekend was so I decided to drop in and share some highlights.


[ Doesn't this make you happy just to look at? Hello, the colors! In case you were wondering, this is what the lovely combination of a good wine buzz and PMS look like. It's ok though, it's froyo. We all know that froyo is healthy, no matter how many cookies, mochis and chopped up candy bars we throw on top of it, right? I mean, if that stuff wasn't healthy it wouldn't be at the VIRTUOUS YOGURT SHOP right? Right?? BTW, under all that crap goodness is a heaping serving of both Taro & Wedding Cake flavor, the latter was OMG. ]


[ Catalyst of said froyo craving. ]


[ Leather pants + sheer black button down + minimal accessories + show stealing red pumps. OOTN Saturday night for dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday. Growing up he always wore a pink shirt on my birthday since it was my favorite color so I decided to wear all black and dress in his favorite color for his birthday. ]


[ Pre-dinner selfies. So unnecessary yet completely necessary. ]


[ Some birthday lovin'. ]


[ It wouldn't be a celebration without these friendly faces. ]


[ Here's our whole gang celebrating the big guy! ]


[ The best snack, but really I was obsessed with that lil' baby strawberry attached to the long vine! Dan was thoroughly creeped out but I thought it was adorable. ]


[ Speaking of adorable…these are sugar plums! Dan and I saw them at the little produce market on our block and were intrigued by the itty bitty fruit, or giant lone grapes (which was his initial assumption). When I saw that they were actually "Sugar Plums" I turned to Dan and said, "OMG! Like from The Nutcracker! I always wondered what that was and if it was a real thing!". He stared at me all confused, I thought due to my ignorance of thinking the fruit was actually made up. Nope, he missed the whole reference. So, I tried to clarify for him saying, "You know, like the Sugar Plum fairy?". He popped the whole plum in his mouth, shook his head and walked off. I stayed behind and took its portrait. Yup. ]


[ Finally here is something that needs no clarification at all and is obscenely adorable. The Peep Donut from Dunkin Donuts. Oh my gosh, I can't even stand it. ]


Enjoy the rest of your week!


April Fool’s . . . CAKE!

I consider myself to be someone with a pretty good sense of humor. 



I can take a joke, make fun of myself and I really do love to laugh. My husband’s sense of humor and his ability to make me laugh is one of the things that made me fall for him from the beginning and is still one his many good traits that I love the most. 

Ironically enough, though, I’ve never really been the biggest fan of April Fool’s Day. Well, when it comes to the pranks, at least. I don’t like being tricked

Saran wrap over my toilet seat? Try that on me and prepare for you doom. Ink on a toothbrush, prank phone calls, silly string/paint on my car, whatever other crazy pranks are out there for April Fool’s or “just for fun”. Honestly, these things aren’t funny, they’re really just annoying. Or maybe I just don’t have a juvenile sense of humor?


Pranks aside, April Fool’s Day food is something I can get behind.

Specifically, this Spaghetti & Meatballs Cake. Maybe I do sort of like this whole April Fool’s thing?


My mom is a part of this competition at her job, a meatball competition. My mother and I are very similar; we’re definitely both “out of the box” thinkers. Naturally, when she heard about the meatball competition the last thing she wanted to make was an actual meatball. In her words, “how BORING! There are over a hundred of us on staff, I mean, how many FRICKEN’ meatballs can ya’ make!? Regular meatballs, turkey meatballs, veal meatballs, chicken meatballs, COME ON! BORING.” Her solution?


Make a cake. Naturally. 

She googled “meatball cake” figuring there had to be something out there. She found this recipe from which utilizes the cake ball technique to create the “meatball”. The recipe calls for a simple box mix cake, so it really is easy as can be! You simply bake up a chocolate cake in two prepared round cake pans. Crumble up one cake and form it into balls for your meatballs. Cover the second cake with canned vanilla frosting to make your “plate”. Tint the remaining frosting with a bit yellow food dye and cocoa powder to achieve the look of pasta. Place your meatballs on top of your first cake, pipe your colored frosting in a swirled motion to resemble pasta, drop some strawberry preserves on top for your “sauce” and grate some white chocolate over the whole thing to create the appearance of parmesan cheese! For a striking, surprising cake that looks like it took a great deal of effort this was insanely easy to create! 

Keep hush about the meatball competition as this cake was only a trial run; we’ll be making another for the contest next week! However, I couldn’t wait until then to share this because this NEEDS to be made tomorrow to appropriately celebrate April Fool’s Day!


One word of caution, buy yourself a cake pan or cake transporter before attempting to deliver this cake. Driving around with it proved to be quite the challenge! Holding it up by my chest and down at my lap while driving brought the cake safely to its destination. ;)




How To Get a Bikini Body!

Before I run off to teach a couple back to back classes I wanted to drop in to share a fabulous read!

Spring is HERE [despite the fact that it's only high 40s/low 50s today with rain…however, not freezing so I'll take it] and with warmer weather comes….smaller clothing. 

As a trainer and fitness instructor I’m often asked about tips regarding working out, losing weight and toning up. By far the question I receive most is, “how do I get a flat stomach?” 


Well, fortunately, a very smart friend of mine who also happens to be a fantastic writer has compiled a great, detailed article on JUST how to do that! Specifically, she gives out some of the greatest fitness and diet tips from seven of our areas TOP female fitness pros! You may just recognize one of them. ;)

So, if you are looking for some awesome fitness tips or need little guidance on getting bikini ready head over HERE to check out some of my favorite bikini-ready tips along with other fantastic advice from six other gorgeous, insanely toned ladies! 

Get reading, then get training! I promise, this article will not fail to motivate you!



Have a great weekend workout, I’m off to hit mine! :)


Friday Favorites

Yet another week that has flown by!! I’m down to the wire now with just three weeks left until my vacation!! Now these will probably drag due to my anticipation of being back on the soft, pale sands of South Beach! Anyway, let’s discuss some smile-inducing things, shall we?


1. First things first, Dunkin Donuts (my favorite place in the world…judge away) is coming out with a PEEP DONUT. I’m not sure how to convey just how strong my love for Peeps is here, which is why I included this Facebook conversation I had with my mother. She’s the one who not only informed me of this outrageously amazing donut (that should really be a year-round staple, if you ask me) but presented me with about five billion coupons for free ones. Ok, so she only had 12 coupons, but still, that’s a lot of coupons so I’d say five billion is a comparable number. Besides, PEEPS ON A DONUT. Peeps!

2. Moving up are those weird little colorful clip things, and don’t worry, they’re not for my hair. They are for adhering your beach towel to your beach chair!! Genius, no? I love the random little gadgets found at Bed, Bath & Beyond. That store convinces me to buy all the things I never knew existed but then somehow feel like I’ll never be able to live without. Like these neon fish beach towel clips. If I hadn’t bought them all that would happen would be me sitting in my beach chair with my towel blowing onto my face as I curse myself out for NOT BUYING THOSE DAMN FISHY CLIPS. Let me tell you, those clips are STRONG. A solid $5.00 investment, I must say.

3. Yes, more towels and more summer crap. Ask my husband how I feel about kitchen towels and he will promptly begin his rant about how RIDICULOUS they are and how much space my abundant collection unnecessarily takes up. He’d be perfectly content with the same yellow towel he’s had since he moved into this apartment sitting in the kitchen year round. Um…yeah, no. I’m sorry but nothing sets the tone for the season like a festive kitchen towel! Target is usually the place to go for adorable and affordable towels but these understatedly nautical, seaside towels are from Paper Source. Another store that is like a black hole for my wallet. These are the only two towels that Dan may like almost as much as I do. My husband has a thing for octopuses, we all have our weird favorite animal, right? Or is that just us? Our apartment is filled with pigs & octopuses. Because that’s not weird, right?



4. We all know I love me some candles. The day I bought those clips from Bed, Bath & Beyond I was actually in the store with the main purpose of trying to find the Peep-scented Yankee Candle. Shocking, right? And, yes, I know…I can totally just buy it online. I think I may just enjoy the hunt… Anyway, the elusive candle of my dreams was nowhere to be found. However, that beautiful, colorful, delicious smelling corner of shelves upon shelves of candles immediately sucked me in and there was no way I was walking away empty handed. They had so many new beachy scented candles in anticipation for summer and really, who am I to turn down a beachy, summery candle? Not like my apartment isn’t already filled with them anyway… I really wanted to grab another Pink Sands candle since it’s one of my favorites but then I saw this one, Golden Sands and after one whiff I had to have it. Like any Yankee Candle the scent is strong and lasting! The smaller candle next to it is actually a Glade candle and believe it or not, these little $5.00 grocery store candles are incredibly strong!! This one is Cashmere Woods and it smells both fresh and warm at the same time, if that makes sense? It kind of reminds me of a really sexy men’s cologne. Ugh..I love it. I also have the Glade candle in Hawaiian Breeze and that one is also fabulous!


Before I go, I want to leave you with a leeeettle preview of what’s coming to the blog this weekend:



Stay tuned! And have a great Friday!