DIY Makeup Brush Holder

You guys…I am OBSESSED with these!



Turns out there is one good thing about having a busted toe and that’s all the free time it leaves for crafting! Although I think I used up all my crafting mojo yesterday because today literally all I did was sit on the couch, watch YouTube videos and eat…like, all day

Can we pause for a bit so I can confess my gluttonous sloth-like ways of this pathetic Wednesday? I need to vent this out. Here:

Woke up, ate an egg white and veggie omelet, with a coffee. Started off ok, right?

In the mood to pick at something, enter: protein bar.


Eh, let me have some cereal.

Oops, cereal isn’t filling. Let me have some peanut butter.

Now that I’ve polished off that let me have another bowl of cereal. Since it’s not filling or anything.

I’d like some more peanut butter, please.

Oh, there’s chocolate in my freezer. Heeyyyy I found a girl scout cookie…or four.

You know, I could go for something savory. Let me kill that broccoli and hummus. Along with some turkey and carrots. I have a long day of doing NOTHING to fuel up for.

Hm, kinda need something sweet, OH I think I’ll make pancakes. Topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. Another protein bar? WHY not.

Greek yogurt, granola….

Guess who’s not in the mood for dinner tonight. PLEASE tell me you guys have had days like these before? Please tell me I’m not alone. However, I’ve been having these funk days like EVERY WEEK. I’m off on my tangent now, let’s get to these cute jars..



Ahhh, pretty things.

So, these gorgeous little jars are actually INSANELY easy to make! After I broke my toe my mom took me to Michael’s to stock up on all the supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:

– Mason Jars

– Glitter

– Mod Podge

– Craft Brushes

– Satin Finish Shellac



All you do is you paint the outside of the jar with a thin layer of Mod Podge. Then, over a paper plate, you pour the glitter over the jar turning it as you go to cover all sides evenly. I put my hand inside the jar and turned it around from the inside. Then you let that first coat dry and repeat the exact same thing with a second coat of the glitter of your choice (I did my first one with pink glitter). Simply paint the Mod Podge over the glitter covered jar exactly as you did before and shake the glitter over it. When you are finished fold the plate in half so you can pour the excess glitter back into the glitter container.

Now, you can stop right here, let your sparkly jar dry and give it two coats of shellac to finish and you’ve got a beautiful, sparkly brush holder! Believe me, the simple color alone was stunning and makes a perfect little piece! However, we all know I’m the Queen of Excess in every aspect of my life so I went ahead to make an ombre design. For my pink one I wanted the bottom to look dipped so I painted the bottom third portion of the jar with Mod Podge and shook the black glitter over it. I tapped the top part with my finger to loosen some of the black to make it appear lighter, so it looked like it seamlessly faded into the pink. After that dried, I painted it with Mod Podge again (over the center of the jar, some of the black and pink) and shook on the star shaped glitter. When that dried I finished it off with two layers of shellac to seal it.

I topped this with a pink rhinestone mason jar lid which they sell at Michael’s (right next to the mason jars and by the check out counters!) for $1.00. 

I did the same process with the other two jars, which I made for my mom. She wanted one for her makeup brushes at home and one for her pens and pencils in her office. She wanted her makeup holder to be opal and her office jar to be black to match her other appliances. I did the same process for both but for the opal jar I dipped the bottom quarter in a thick, silver glitter. The two lighter glitters blended surprisingly well so I didn’t have to do anything else.


Next, I did her black jar which I love. The black and silver turned out so beautiful; the jar reminds me of the New York City skyline! Perfect for my mother as she absolutely loves NYC. To make that jar I painted on two coats of black glitter. I let that dry then I painted the bottom third with the opal glitter I used as the base for the second jar. Finally, I painted the bottom quarter and poured the chunky silver glitter over it. 

The only downside to these (which was actually a positive for me, considering my crippled state!) was the drying time. Doing all the layers proved to be quite time consuming as you had to wait for each layer to dry about 80% before moving on to the next. So if a jar had 2-3 layers it took a bit of time. However, that is the perfect thing to do to occupy your time if you’re sick, injured or snowed in!

I used mine as a makeup brush holder and I love the added glitz it lends to my bathroom, but the possibility of uses are endless. I love my mom’s idea of using it as an office pen holder! You could also use a large mason jar for a kitchen utensil holder or a smaller mason jar for rings, loose pieces of jewelry or hair ties! The possibilities are endless, and who couldn’t use an extra pop of glitter?!


If only I had made another jar today (which I was meaning to, since a friend of mine asked me to make her one after I posted the photos to Facebook) instead of SITTING ON THE COUCH ALL DAY AND EATING EVERYTHING IN MY APARTMENT.

Such is life. Tomorrow is a new day!!

Someone please come snap me out of this funk??



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