Weekend Reflections; Beer, Sun & Sick Puppies

This weekend I made the big mistake of taking an incredibly intense two hour long, small group training class. Not only was it pretty damn rough, but it hit a LOT of legs. The problem with that is that it was my fourth day in a row of legs. Which was an accident. See what happens when you don’t plan your workouts? Monday I ran to the gym and hit legs because I had all the time in the world and decided to go hard wit ha long, brutal lower body session. Ok, good way to start the week. Then on Tuesday my friend was subbing a class right after I finished teaching so I had to jump into his class; of course I did this without knowing what he was going to do and the class was total body with a focus on legs. Then Wednesday I went for a run but hit a few sprints and by that point my legs. were. DONE. But then Thursday rolled along. My friend was taking this small, intense class and asked me to take it with her because it was her last day she’d be available to take it…how could I say no? What can I say, I’m easily influenced by peer pressure when it comes to working out. So despite the fact that my legs were heavy, dead weight I went into the class which was so small and personal that there was no hiding and I ended up giving it my all. Then I made my way home and Gatsby took me on a two hour walk. Finally, Friday. I woke up with the anticipation of taking the day off completely and RESTING. But, no. I taught a spin class then did some incline walking on the treadmill with one of the girls who takes my class. THEN my mom called to tell me she was in the city and wanted to meet for lunch so I walked thirty blocks uptown to meet her.

It should go without saying that I woke up Saturday morning feeling like I’d been hit by a truck. My usual Saturday morning workout of a long run and light weights was simply not an option. Instead I took Gatsby for a walk, made breakfast and hopped in the shower. I was dressed and made up by the time Dan got home from his workout so we went to the mall to do some shopping. Then Gatsby got sick. He must have puked at least ten times. I always feel so awful and helpless when he gets nauseous because the poor little dude shakes so much. I think he had a bad reaction to one of his new toys that he chewed/ate. He just got a few new ones because tomorrow is his first birthday!!! Gahh!! Can’t believe the little guy is ONE year old! Puppy months FLY by. Fortunately he started feeling better around 5:30pm, barking, jumping, running around and back to his normal, psycho self. We had originally planned to go out for dinner since we haven’t been out in a while, but then decided to stay home with him because he wasn’t feeling well. So once he perked back up we went out to a local craft beer/burger spot.

Sunday we spent the morning by the pool and came home to take Gatsby on a long walk and get ourselves prepped and ready for the week.

My mom gave me this gum and omigosh it is SO good!! Especially now that I’m dieting again [ew], it’s great when my sweet tooth needs something.


The cutest wax melt I’ve ever seen! It’s even glittery and it smells exactly like the Bobbi Brown Beach perfume.


You know I’m not NYC’s biggest fan, however I do love the flatiron building and I’m lucky enough to work right around the block from it and pass by it every morning.


I passed by this store walking to meet my mom on Friday. I didn’t go in but I am obsessed with their cute little pig logo…obsessed enough to stop in the middle of the street like a weirdo to take a picture.


I got this luminary from a local artist at the farmer’s market in Kona on our honeymoon and every time I use it I fall more and more in love with it. So gorgeous.


Happy little man before he got sick


This wasn’t what made him sick…this was just ANNOYING.


Saturday shopping. I wanted to hit up Bath & Body Works for the 2/$24 candle sale and Dan grabbed a few anti bacterials.


They both begrudgingly followed me into Sephora…while they patiently waited as I frolicked around my holy land.


My OOTD was sweats & a tee to go with the lazy way I was feeling…I needed to just be soft and comfy. Makeup was minimal — concealer, highlight, a bit of bronzer, mascara and brows. Finished off with Mac Fix+ and Tatcha Luminous Dewey Skin mist.


This weekend’s AMAZING food finds!! Cotton Candy Grapes are no joke, they literally taste like COTTON FREAKEN CANDY. They’re super sweet but it’s not just that, it’s cotton candy. They have the shortest season EVER so go grab them RIGHT NOW because they’ll disappear in a week. I got these from The Fresh Market but I believe Whole Foods has them as well. Oh, and those oreos? DAMN.


Gatsby got sick as soon as we got home. As we drove onto our block he vomitted all over the backseat of my car. Fortunately I my waterproof [and vomit proof, apparently] puppy hammock covering the whole back seat, so we just washed that and all was well. I felt so bad and hate seeing him sick and lethargic.


He got an absurd amount of TLC..


We waited about an hour after he was feeling better to make sure he didn’t have another episode and then I slapped on some lipstick and we headed out.


I wore cut offs, a black tank and this red flannel and booties. After buying a hoard of fall scented candles I was just feeling the fall vibe….despite the fact that it was 92 degrees out even in the evening. It was fine. Plus, I haven’t gotten a pedicure in weeks so open toed shoes or flips just weren’t an option. 


And then we drank craft beer, after a burger sandwiched between two maple syrup soaked waffles (that I was too infatuated by that I forgot to snap a picture!!! THE HORROR) and these….fried cheese curds?! I didn’t know these even existed outside of the mid west but when I saw them on the menu I needed them. Because….fried cheese curds. The dipping sauce with them was gravy. I opted for ketchup instead because I’m a heathen. 


Enjoy the week!! More sun, more heat — bring it on! Also, if you want a few more random snippets of this weekend, check out this vlog.



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